The Ultracycling Hall of Fame honors cyclists whose careers best exemplify the spirit of the sport. The members of the Hall of Fame demonstrate each of the following:

  • Athletic excellence over several seasons including high finishes in RAAM and/or RAAM qualifiers and/or the Ultracycling Cup/World Cup and/or Year-Rounder and/or Records; and,

  • Service to the sport as WUCA volunteer and/or an event organizer and/or official and/or crew member and/or coach at multiple events; and,

  • Leadership and consideration for and helpfulness of other riders.

WUCA members may suggest possible candidates to the Board of Directors of the WUCA. This can be done at any time, to any Board member. The Board will then review the candidates and will then nominate candidates who meet the above criteria for the Hall of Fame. The members of the WUCA will vote on the nominees. The Board will specify the time and manner of balloting. Selection to the UltraCycling Hall of Fame will be confirmed by attaining approval on at least 75% of the ballots cast. Renomination for future ballots is permitted for candidates failing to make the 75% threshold.

Each prospective candidate will be invited to submit a statement (up to 350 words) describing how the member meets these criteria. This statement may be submitted by the nominee or by the person(s) who made the nomination. (Prospective candidates are not required to submit a statement.) The nominees and qualifications will be published on the website.

The Ultracycling Hall of Fame includes the following members (with year of induction):