Process to Set a Record

Any WUCA member is eligible to establish or challenge an ultra cycling record according to established rules.

There is a fee to register for a record attempt. Please click here to review fees and submit an entry.

An WUCA official must be present at all times during the cycling record attempt. The official is a WUCA member approved by the Records chair (Contact Records Team).

The rider must have a support crew and support vehicle for any cycling record attempt. No unsupported efforts will be recognized by the WUCA.


The WUCA distinguishes the following categories:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
    • 49 and under
    • 50 – 59
    • 60-69
    • 70+
  3. Bicycle Type
    • road bicycle
    • tandem bicycle
    • recumbent bicycle
    • human powered vehicle, i.e., a recumbent with accessories to reduce aerodynamic drag
    • hand-powered bicycle
  4. Rider configuration
    • solo racer
    • tandem bicycle (male, female, or mixed)
    • 4-person relay team (male, female, or mixed)
    • 2-person relay team (male, female, or mixed)