Read Records forms and rules packet (pdf). (Note: These rules take precendence over any discrepancies found on this page.)

How Many Officials?

At least one WUCA Official must be present at all times during the record attempt. If the record attempt will last more than 24 hours, at least two Officials are required. However, for track records, three officials are needed.


Any current WUCA member may officiate a record attempt.

Locating an Official

The rider is responsible for locating and securing the WUCA Official(s). The WUCA and Records Chair are not responsible for providing the WUCA Official(s). All Officials must be WUCA members. Non-members, who are otherwise qualified to serve as Officials, may become members simply by joining the WUCA. A non-member may get a one-event membership to officiate. Officals can be added to a record application later by filling in this form and paying the extra fees.


All WUCA Officials must be approved by the Records Chair before the record attempt. The Records Chair may request that the proposed Official take a short test to demonstrate knowledge of the record attempt rules.


The rider must negotiate a satisfactory fee for the Official’s service and expenses. The WUCA and Records Chair are not responsible for the expenses of Officials, nor in determining the value of payments for services.


The Official cannot be an active member of the crew, i.e., cannot drive the follow vehicle, navigate, hand supplies to the rider, etc.


The Official must be in the follow vehicle if the follow vehicle is shadowing the rider. When a follow vehicle is not shadowing the rider, the WUCA Official may ride in the follow vehicle or may travel in a separate vehicle, but must still observe the rider and crew as often as possible.


For a full description of the Official’s responsibilities, read the Record Attempt Rules, section II WUCA Official(s). In general the Official’s responsibilities are:

  1. Prior to the record attempt study the rules thoroughly. The Official is expected to know and apply all of the rules.
  2. Immediately before the start of any record attempt the Official must complete the Official’s Pre-Event Checklist, including inspecting all vehicles and bicycles, verifying that all vehicles have registration and insurance, and that all drivers’ have valid driver’s licenses. The Official also records the names of all crewmembers, so that the Record’s Chair can later verify that all have signed and submitted a WUCA waiver.
  3. For road attempts, the Official must record rider progress on the log sheet every 10-15 miles, or every 45-60 minutes, whichever comes first.
  4. For track events, the Official must record data on every lap.
  5. During the record attempt the Official observes the rider and crew. If a rules violation occurs, the Official must note the violation in the log and either issue a warning or time penalty, depending on the severity of the violation.
  6. After the record attempt the Official must write and sign three documents, which are included in the Records Packet. (These documents are submitted to the WUCA Records Chair as part of the Record Attempt Report following the attempt.)
    • The WUCA Official’s Report
    • The Event Summary form
    • The Log Sheet(s)



All questions regarding bicycle record attempts, cycling records, WUCA courses, etc., should be directed to the WUCA Records Chairperson. The initial application and fees must to be submitted to the Chairperson at least 21 days before the bicycle record attempt.