WUCA wants to do everything we can to help you succeed when you organize and promote ultracycling races! In fact, several of our Board members promote races too!

There is no question that a quality ultracycling race requires effort. But you will find here a toolkit of resources we have collected that should help.

History proves that a quality event will earn the acclaim of athletes and their crews and their eagerness to return and prove their skills at your event!


Become a WUCA Member For Free

Our automated systems work best when you become a member and gain access to all of the Toolkit resources. Don’t worry—its free! Just select “Race Organizer” as your membership type. Then, use your ID/Login to access all of the Toolkit!

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What does WUCA do for YOU?

We are committed to improving the quality of ultracycling as a global sport. For the race organizer, running a great event means more registrations, more fees, and more net income for you and/or the charities you support!

Our Board members and athletes have seen and participated in dozens, if not hundreds, of events over the years and our experience is here to help you!

Being part of WUCA means we will work hard for your event. That means:

  • Listing your Event on our global race calendar.
  • If you elect to do so, promoting early registration opportunities to our members in a direct email. Hint: this will get you a lot of athletes—many of whom plan their year around specific events.


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Listing Your Event

Once you log-in to the Toolkit, you will be able to list your event on our global race calendar! It is entirely automatic—just fill in the blanks, provide a photograph we can use to promote your event, and submit.

If you want your event results to be included in the WUCA Annual Competitions (and who would not want that? We have 100s competing every year to win), you also have to agree to comply with our Race Guidelines and submit your race results to us within 14 days of your event using an Excel template.


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Additional Toolkit Resources

Once you become a member and log-in, here are the additional resources available in the toolkit.

– Model Race Rules (to be customized to your event!)
– Race Planning Checklists
– WUCA Standard Spreadsheet for Results

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