“She’s an absolutely delightful person, definitely enriching my RAAM experiences.” — John Marino

by Nancy Guth

About the Hall of Fame

RAAM champion Elaine Mariolle

Elaine is someone you would want on your team. She is enthusiastic, dedicated to the sport of cycling and committed to helping others while pursuing her passions of cycling and traveling. She describes herself as “a geographer motivated by curiosity, a sense of adventure and the desire to continue to grow as a person. Bicycling, especially ultramarathon cycling, has been an amazing vehicle for the exploration of landscapes both internal and external.”

She is as unusual as her resume. Few people attempt RAAM a year after starting the sport. Elaine describes her experience, “When I took up bicycling in the spring of 1983 something clicked. I loved the freedom, the speed, the people, and the challenges. Entering RAAM 1984 a year later, my aspirations were modest: I was there for the adventure, I just wanted to finish, and I thought this would be a one-time thing. Somewhere out on the road I began to wonder how I might turn myself into a serious competitor. This initiated a two-year campaign to completely overhaul my systems. As I integrated new training and nutritional regimes I noticed subtle yet significant changes in the way I was thinking.”

Two years later, Elaine won the Race Across America and set a women’s transcontinental record, Huntington Beach, CA to Atlantic City, NJ, 3,107 miles by bicycle in 10 days, 2 hours.

“While winning brought deep satisfaction, I am most proud of my ability to transform myself and work well with others.” Mariolle says. “As I take on other challenges, this skill has made the greatest difference.”

“While winning brought deep satisfaction, I am most proud of my ability to transform myself and work well with others.”

John Marino, the founder of RAAM, speaks about Elaine’s dedication and ability to transform herself: “Elaine’s contributions to ultra marathon cycling began in May 1984 when she qualified for RAAM in the longest, and perhaps hardest qualifier ever, the 792.7 mile John Marino Open in Hemet, CA. Her mental determination and dedication to training carried her through three consecutive RAAMs in ’84, ’85, and ’86. Her RAAM ’86 victory was a culmination of years of hard work and launched her into a lifetime of notoriety in the sport.”

  • Mariolle’s palmares
  • 1984 Seattle to San Diego record 1350 miles 4d 22h
  • 1984 RAAM 3rd Place Women’s Division 13d 23h
  • 1985 RAAM 3rd Place Women’s Division 10d 23h
  • 1986 RAAM 1st Place Women’s Division 10d 2h Women’s Record
  • 1991 Paris-Brest-Paris Second Woman