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Anna Mei – Lubjana, Slo to Rome, It – Attempt July 28-29 2023


Congratulations to Anna Mei for setting the Capital to Capital record for Lubjana, Slo to Rome, It - in the Female, 50-59, Standard bike categories WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT REPORT: FROM LUBJIANA TO THE VATICAN Attempt Date:July 28th 2023 Participant:Anna Mei Objective: Cover the distance between Lubjiana (Government House) and the Vatican in the shortest possible time to raise awareness for "Butterfly Children." Summary: The attempt to set a new world record in the journey from Lubijana to the Vatican was successfully accomplished on July 29Th, 2023. I I departed from the Government House in Ljubljana at 01:02 AM and arrived [...]

Anna Mei – Lubjana, Slo to Rome, It – Attempt July 28-29 20232023-10-23T16:56:25-07:00

Sami Imeri – HMMR – 30 day TT attempt – June 3-15 2023


Congratulations to Sami Imeri who set the new 50-59 Age Group, Drafting record during this attempt. He was unfortunately hit by a car on his 13th day (he's OK!) but was unable to continue riding. Sami also broke the existing HWMR (7 day TT) record during his first 7 day of this attempt: 2429.98 Km Here is his Ride Report: This is a short description of my attempt: "I started my attempt for the highest monthly mileage record (HMMR) the 3rd of June 2023. I was riding from Douvaine in France to Aigle in Switzerland (where stands the UCI headquarters). [...]

Sami Imeri – HMMR – 30 day TT attempt – June 3-15 20232023-10-23T16:56:26-07:00

Mervyn Kinkade – Ireland N-S Unsupported attempt – July 23-24, 2023


Congratulations to Mervyn Kinkade who set a new Unsupported WUCA record during his attempt of Ireland N-S in the Male, 18-49 age group on a standard bike. This smashed the supported WUCA record by 2 hours! Ireland N-S (Malin Head to Mizen Head) Race Report 23rd July 2023 Unsupported This weekend I went out to set a new record with the WUCA (World Ultra Cycling Association) in the unsupported Cross country catergory for N-S Ireland. (Malin Head - Mizen Head) . Morning of the attempt I was up at 5.30am, collected a friend and we drove to Malin Head. The heavy [...]

Mervyn Kinkade – Ireland N-S Unsupported attempt – July 23-24, 20232023-10-23T16:56:27-07:00

Isa Pulver – USA W-E attempt (RAAM 2023) – June 13-23, 2023


Congratulation to Isa Pulver who has set the Women's 50-59 record on a standard bike during the 2023 RAAM. Isa was the fastest Overall finisher! Rider’s Narrative Summary Record attempt USA West-East WUCA Record Attempt during RAAM by Isa Pulver, start on June 13th 2023 Name of rider(s) Isa Pulver Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute Tuesday June 13th 2023 at Saturday 01:17 pm (local time) Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot Oceanside at the Peer, California, USA What were conditions like? The weather conditions were a bit of [...]

Isa Pulver – USA W-E attempt (RAAM 2023) – June 13-23, 20232023-10-23T16:56:27-07:00

James Coxon – 100 Km Attempt – July, 8, 2023


Congratulations to James for setting a blistering record for 100 Km on a Trike in the Male, 18-49 age group! This is faster than any unfaired bike type by any age or gender in our record books. James Coxon 2023-07-08 Ride Report The attempt took place at Newport,  South Wales, UK at the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales. I wanted to do the attempt to demonstrate how fast a para athlete can go on a recumbent trike.  The attempt started at 6:05pm in humid conditions. I started strongly and reached the halfway mark averaging just under 50kmh. However, soon [...]

James Coxon – 100 Km Attempt – July, 8, 20232023-10-23T16:56:28-07:00
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