Congratulations to Damian Pazikowski who set the WUCA Polish record for 300km, 500 Km , 12 & 24 hour in the Male, 18-49, standard bike categories.

Distance Event KilometersTimeAvg Sp (Km)Avg Sp (Miles)
300 Km Road07:19:18.1040.9725.46
500 Km Road12:39:12.8239.5124.55
Timed EventMilesKilometersAvg Sp (Miles)Avg Sp (Km)
12 Hour Road295.848476.12124.6539.68
24 Hour Road535.003861.00422.2935.88

My name is Damian Pazikowski. @ultradietetyk. I am a sports and clinical dietitian and try to train like a pro.

I have my own company, which deals with sports preparation of athletes and people who want to improve their results in sports.

I have been practicing ultra-cycling for 3 years. This is my 3rd season competing. So far I have participated in 12 cycling ultramarathons, 10 of which I have won. A year ago I won the Polish Cup in ultramarathons. For this year I was looking for more goals, I decided to try to break the 24h world record.

Since October, I began preparations for the attempt. I trained 6-7 times a week, combining training with my job life. Usually about 20 training hours per week, sometimes more. 5 cycling workouts, 2 strength workouts. The premise for the trial was to maintain similar watts as christopher, which would translate into a great end result. In winter I trained mainly on the trainer, in spring and summer I went outside.  The workouts were for improving absolute power and strength endurance,  for the 24-hour time trial.

I worked through the entire preparation period properly. The first start was in May, where I took part in the ultramarathon Etapówka 650km. I won and set a record for the route time. At the end of May, I did my own mountain camp near Lecco, Italy. I rode almost 1000km and 20+ km up in 8 days.  Upon my return, I put the final touches on my form and competed in the Race Around Poland 300km in July. I won win with a time of 8.12h, which also translated into a new course record. The previous record belonged to Marco Baloh. The last few weeks until the trial have been lighter training and a lot of work as an organizer.

What was missing in my life was some mental preparation for the 24-hour trial. Preparing the event’s town, getting approvals from local authorities and sponsors deprived me of time for recovery and rest. I entered the trial properly prepared physically, mentally, unfortunately, I was not prepared. I felt it the entire 24 hours. I struggled, unfortunately, neither the watts I put on nor the speed was possible for me to keep up. The result I achieved was far below my expectations, but my young age, and not many years as a cyclist, gives hope for an improved result.

Record attempt: 300/500km, 12H/24H

Name of Rider: Damian Pazikowski

Start date & start time: 12.08.2023 15.00 P.M

Location: Poland, Sierakowo 91B, 06-300 Przasnysz

Condition: On Saturday, 12.08.2023, it was sunny, windless, about 26 degrees. The night was cool about 15 degrees, Day 13.08.2023 was warm, 32 degrees and a strong wind from the south. In the morning of 13.08.2023 there was light rain.

Why did you want to do this record?: A year ago I tried the 24-hour time trial segment for the first time. I liked it very much, it was only my third ultra cycling season. I love the speed and the 24-hour ride. I find myself great in this discipline.

What equipment did you use?: Bike: Speed concept SLR 7 ETAP with with wheels hed. Vanquish PRO (back disc front 80mm) My suit was full assos speed suit and kask was rudy project wing.

What equipment did you use?: I am a sports nutritionist, so nutrition was at the right level. Mainly isotonic drinks, liquid carbohydrates, gels, bars, nuts and tomato pie.

What was the best part?: By the 13th hour I was following the plan, maintaining an average of about 40 kilometers per hour and averaging 265 watts. Unfortunately, after that I scored a so-called cycling bomb.

What was the hardest part?: After 13 hours, the electricity in my legs was cut off. I fought for every kilometer and survival. The whole plan went haywire, the power dropped as well as the average speed. I was devastated.

Unnusual happen?: No, no problems on road.

Finish location: Poland, Sierakowo 91B, 06-300 Przasnysz

End  date & start time: 13.08.2023 14.49 P.M, I would not have had time to make another loop.