Congratulations to Riccardo Sporzon who set the Male under 18 record in the Upright bike category by riding 290.209 Miles or 467.046 Km

Ride Report:

I started thinking about this record last year when after a 200 km race I promised my grandmother that one day I would achieve a world record on two wheels. My grandmother then passed away in February and so the promise I would have been obliged to maintain her to make her happy. I then started training about a month and a half before the record on a track of about 50 km where I was looking for maximum intensity and maximum effort, already aware that I was very good at long distances. then the day of the test arrived, I was very nervous in fact the night before I slept very little, I woke up at 2 in the morning to put on my suit and prepare the bike for the best of luck, it was also and above all hard for my crew. I started pedaling and the darkness was the biggest problem because despite the lights of the follow vehicle the road was very degraded and dark. the first hours were very quiet until I reached the halfway point where tiredness and sleep began to make themselves felt, but supported by the cheering of my friends and family I managed to move forward. darkness returned but it was already over 24 hours had passed. during this bike adventure more than 20 liters of liquids were drunk and mini snacks. based on bread and jam or bars led to energy recovery. upon arrival the emotions were so much happiness but above all the awareness that my grandmother was looking down on me