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Larry Oslund – 500 Km Record Attempt – March 20, 2024


Congratulations to Larry Oslund - for setting a new 500 km Road Record in the Men's, 60-69, Solo, Recumbent Bike categories on Mar 20, 2024. Larry Oslund set the following overall WUCA and Guinness World Records during this attempt. Distance Event KilometersTimeAvg Sp (Km)Avg Sp (Miles)200 Km Road05:13:02.9138.3323.82300 Km Road07:53:52.1737.9923.60500 Km Road13:35:08.7036.8022.87Distance Event MilesTimeAvg Sp (Miles)Avg Sp (Km)200 Mile Road08:38:56.2823.1237.21300 Mile Road13:04:41.9722.9436.92Timed EventMilesKilometersAvg Sp (Miles)Avg Sp (Km)6 Hour Road142.514229.35423.7538.2312 Hour Road278.101447.56023.1837.30 Those who know me are aware that I have been participating in ultracycling events since 2014 on my Cruzbike. Ranging from 100 miles to 24-hour events and even RAAM [...]

Larry Oslund – 500 Km Record Attempt – March 20, 20242024-04-12T02:56:00-07:00

Mohinder Singh – Kathmandu to Mumbai Attempt – Nov 5 – 12, 2023


Congratulation to Mohinder Singh who set the City-to-City Record from Kathmandu to Mumbai on Nov 12, 2023 - in the following categories: Male, 60-70 age-group - upright bike. Mohinder-Singh-2023-11-05-Pashupatinath__Kathmandu_to_Gateway_Of_India_-_Route_MapDownload Rider's Summary: Perspire to Inspire – First and Fastest Male to Bicycle from Kathmandu (Pashupati Nath Temple to Mumbai (Gateway of India) Mohinder Singh Bharaj 05-Nov-23 Pashupati Nath Temple at 6:50AM The conditions through out the ride were cold and windy. As I neared Mumbai, the days started getting more hotter and the evenings less cold. This is my 4th expedition (apart from the usual BRMs that I have been doing [...]

Mohinder Singh – Kathmandu to Mumbai Attempt – Nov 5 – 12, 20232023-11-24T04:50:23-08:00

Jimmy Wright – UAE E-W attempt – Nov 10-11, 2023


Congratulations to Jimmy Wright who set the Male, Solo, 18-49 age group record for UAE E-W Crossing. This is also a Guinness Record WUCA - Riders Summary Report  Record Attempt  Fastest Crossing of the UAE by bicycle  Name of the rider  Jimmy Wright  Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute  Date: 10th Nov  Time: 14:23h  Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot  26.047880, 56.086546  Carpark in vicinity of boarder post, RAS Al Khaimah  Al Dara Boarder Crossing  UAE & Masandam, Oman  What were the conditions like  The conditions were hot, approximately [...]

Jimmy Wright – UAE E-W attempt – Nov 10-11, 20232023-11-14T09:34:04-08:00

Josh Wolf Illinois W-E Attempt Oct 14, 2023


Congratulations to Josh Wolf for setting the W-E Illinois Record in the 18-49 age group on a standard bike. Record Attempt: Illinois W – E Name of Riders: Josh Wolf Start date: 10.14.2023 at 7:38am CST  Conditions were a bit chilly.  51 degrees winds starting W 10mph changing to NW 12-17 mph with on and of rain.  Sun came out for a bit to show off its partial eclipse.  Then faded into rain.  Had to take jacket off/on/off.   Why did I want to do the record?  I was hit by a car 2 years ago and haven’t been able to [...]

Josh Wolf Illinois W-E Attempt Oct 14, 20232023-10-31T04:35:31-07:00

Floris Von Bonninghausen – 24 hour Outdoor Track Attempt Sept 21-22, 2023


Congratulations to Floris Von Bonninghausen who set the 12-hr Outdoor Track record in the following categories: WUCA Country Record 18-49 Age group, standard bike, Outdoor Track, County (Netherlands) 24 hour outdoor track world record. The attempt was done by me Floris von Bönninghausen at Megaland Landgraaf. The start of the loop was located at the end of the long straight in front of the building. where the track gets more narrow. The loop was done counter clockwise. I started the attempt at 11:00 in the morning on the 21st of September 2023.  weather  At the atart it was windy. but [...]

Floris Von Bonninghausen – 24 hour Outdoor Track Attempt Sept 21-22, 20232023-10-27T02:44:05-07:00
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