Congratulation to Mohinder Singh who set the City-to-City Record from Kathmandu to Mumbai on Nov 12, 2023 – in the following categories: Male, 60-70 age-group – upright bike.

Rider’s Summary:

  1. Perspire to Inspire – First and Fastest Male to Bicycle from Kathmandu (Pashupati Nath Temple to Mumbai (Gateway of India)
  2. Mohinder Singh Bharaj
  3. 05-Nov-23
  4. Pashupati Nath Temple at 6:50AM
  5. The conditions through out the ride were cold and windy. As I neared Mumbai, the days started getting more hotter and the evenings less cold.
  6. This is my 4th expedition (apart from the usual BRMs that I have been doing for years) and 2nd after the grueling Kashmir to Kanyakumari which I had done in 2021. The theme of this expedition was Perspire to Inspire. My mantra has always been that if we are taking care of our body, it will help us reward with healthy lifestyle which is so required in the age where people are suffering with multitude of diseases and aliments. I also want to give a message to youngsters that the if a person like me who is touching 70 can do this feat, it is a very easy task for them to make their bodies their priority which considering our hectic lifestyle and adhoc eating habits is deteriorating by the day.
  7. I used a Focus road bike with Vittoria racing wheels. I have been using this equipment for years and apart from this nothing else was used during the expedition.
  8. I ate the normal food which is available at roadside dhabhas. No special food was consumed. Apart from the food, during the course of the ride I consumed Whey Protein, Glutamine and BCAA electrolytes, to help my body sustain the thousands of calories I was draining by cycling throughout the day.
  9. The whole journey has been awesome, but some endearing moments surely have been part of this expedition. One of the memorable moments occurred when I reached Nashik, which has been my base location for close to 10 years now, my friends and their families cheered me all the way thru the city. The smile on their faces was very touching. The other was when my friend (and someone I look upto) Dr. Ravinder Singhal (Addl. Director General of Police-Traffic) came to receive me at Gateway of India. For such an important person to take his time from his busy schedule was something very kind of him. And last but not the least all my family members including all my grand daughters came to receive me at the finish location.
  10. The hardest part I would say has been the fatigue that hit me thru the journey. During Kashmir to Kanyakumari I had issues with Saddle soreness however, during this ride my body used to get tired much more faster than maybe a couple of years back. However, this was an injury free ride and I enjoyed every part of it.
  11. No unusual events took place.
  12. Gateway of India is as famous as a landmark in the country as any other.
  13. 12-Nov-23 on 2:30 PM.