Congratulations to Jimmy Wright who set the Male, Solo, 18-49 age group record for UAE E-W Crossing.

This is also a Guinness Record

WUCA – Riders Summary Report 

Record Attempt 

Fastest Crossing of the UAE by bicycle 

Name of the rider 

Jimmy Wright 

Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute 

Date: 10th Nov 

Time: 14:23h 

Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot 

26.047880, 56.086546 

Carpark in vicinity of boarder post, RAS Al Khaimah 

Al Dara Boarder Crossing 

UAE & Masandam, Oman 

What were the conditions like 

The conditions were hot, approximately 33.5 degrees with swirling winds which raised the dust profile during the attempt. 

Why did you want to do a record? 

My endeavor to break the Guinness World Record was driven by a heartfelt commitment to raising awareness and critical funds for the treatment of children fighting cancer. My inspiration throughout this journey comes from the brave battle my wife fought against cancer, as well as the well-being of my children and the children we aim to help. 

What equipment did you use? Anything Special 

2 x Bikes 

Garmin computer 

What did you eat and drink

12.00: 1 water bottle with extend electrolytes 

14.30: 1 banana, 1 Browne, 1water 

15.35:1 mango coconut bar, 1 water with precision hydration 1500 

16.35: 1 figs and oats bar, 1 30g carb lolly 

16.58: 1 water with xtend 

Water intake: 2.2liters 

1st stop: 1 ball of oats with greek yogurt blueberries and strawberries, Smoothie including – peanut butter, cow milk, 1 and 1/2 banana, flex seeds 

1 sault tablet and 2 magnesium tablets 

19.00: 1 water 

2nd stop: 1/2 ball of fruits, 1 gatorade 

17.52: 1 brownie 

20.28: water 1/4 electrolytes + dried apricot 

3rd stop: 1/2 protein shake with beetroot and 2 vegemite sandwiches 

22.52: 1 water with 1/4 electrolytes 

23:28: vegemite sandwich 

4th stop at 00.00: peanut butter and banana sandwich 

1.45: sparkling water 

2.30am: vegemite sandwich 

2.35: gatorade 

5th stop 3.50am: 1 coke, 10 spoons of pasta, 2 coffees 

4.20: 1 water- not drunken at all 

6th stop 6.05: 1 vegemite sandwich and 1/2 bottle water with squeezed lemon 6.50: 1 water with squeezed lemon 

7.05: ice lolly 

7.10. Mango coconut bar 

7th stop 8.00: vegemite sandwich and blueberries 

0912: 1 x Crampeze, 1 x 650mL w/ CHO & sodium mix 

0937: 1 x 30g carb gel 

1005: Vegemite sandwich 

1018: 1 x 650mL iced water 

1050: 1 x ice cream 

1105: 1 x redbull 

1136: 1 x sip of Gatorade 

1136: 1 x 650mL iced water 

What was the best part? 

Being on a journey with such a close group of friends and family. Life is about moments and memories; I will forever be grateful for the time we spent together and the reflections during the event. I remember listening to the group at the hotel after the event and the stories, banter and discussion they were having and thinking “this is what it is all about.” 

What was the hardest part? 

Dealing with a few pre existing injuries. 

Did anything particularly unusual happen? 

A few near misses from cars traveling on route. 

Exact finish location describe so that someone else could find the same spot 

24.126016, 51.63127 

ADNOC Service Station, Al Ghuwaifat (838) 

Al Ghuwaifat Port Station & Sila Border Post UAE & Kingdom Saudi Arabia Boarder 

Exact finish time 

Date: 11th Nov 

Time: 12:23pm 

Name: Jimmy Wright