Congratulations to Anna Mei for setting the Capital to Capital record for Lubjana, Slo to Rome, It – in the Female, 50-59, Standard bike categories


Attempt Date:July 28th 2023

Participant:Anna Mei

Objective: Cover the distance between Lubjiana (Government House) and the Vatican in the shortest possible time to raise awareness for “Butterfly Children.”


The attempt to set a new world record in the journey from Lubijana to the Vatican was successfully accomplished on July 29Th, 2023. I I departed from the Government House in Ljubljana at 01:02 AM and arrived at the Vatican at 7:30 PM the following day. The nighttime temperature was 17 degrees Celsius, with favorable weather conditions during the day, like in a classic Italian summer.  The route was challenging through the Appennines, but reaching the Vatican at sunset was a momentous and poignant achievement.


I set out from the Government House in Lubijana in the early hours of July 28th 2023. The nighttime departure was planned to maximize travel efficiency, avoiding traffic and utilizing the cooler atmospheric conditions. The temperature of 17 degrees Celsius during the night was acceptable for the attempt.

The route led me through varying terrains, ranging from plains to the mountainous stretches of the Appennines. During the day, temperatures escalated, making the journey more demanding. However, I  persevered with determination and overcame the challenges encountered along the way.

One of the most significant moments was the traverse of the Apennines. The winding and steep roads tested me in driving skills and physical endurance. Despite the hurdles, I successfully conquered this section.

Arrival at the Vatican occurred at sunset on the following day, at 7:30 PM. The evocative atmosphere and the emotion of reaching the finish line at such an iconic time of day rendered this moment particularly memorable. The record attempt was a success and captured the attention of the public.

Awareness Objective:

The primary aim of this world record attempt was to raise awareness for “Butterfly Children.” This charitable organization is dedicated to supporting children afflicted by rare and severe diseases. The participant dedicated their attempt to this noble cause, seeking to shed light on the needs of these special children. The arrival at the Vatican at sunset added a symbolic element, representing the hope and light that the organization brings to the lives of these children and their families.


The attempt to establish a new world record in the journey from Ljubljana to the Vatican was a triumph, with me completing the challenge with determination and commitment. Atmospheric conditions and challenging terrain did not deter me, instead I  succeeded in raising awareness for “Butterfly Children.” The poignant arrival at the Vatican at sunset added a touch of symbolic significance to this world record attempt.

                              Ravenna 4 agosto 23

                                  Anna mei