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New Australia W-E 4x Handcycle Record – Team “Timischl, Almer, Gritsch, and Langer-Weninger”


Congratulations to the team of: Wolfgang Timischl, Wolfgang Almer, Alexander Gritsch, and Michael Langer - Weninger These 4 brave hand-cyclists attempted to cross from Perth to Syndey Australia. The conditions were extreme and to make matters worse, they were prevented from going any farther east than 44km West of Wagga Wagga NSW, 370 Km short of their original goal. The police said it was dangerous and illegal for them to continue. Many attempts were made to allow them to pass, but the group and riders were threatened with jail if they continued. They covered the 3574.6 Km in 4 days [...]

New Australia W-E 4x Handcycle Record – Team “Timischl, Almer, Gritsch, and Langer-Weninger”2020-06-02T12:43:59-07:00

Jason Black – Ireland N-S Record – 2020-03-07


Congratulations to Jason Black for setting the WUCA World Record for Ireland N-S Crossing: (Senior - 18-49) - Mens - Standard Bike - 567.6 km in 22 hours 59 mins for an average speed of 24.67 kph Read about his personal account below the pictures     Record Attempt: 1. Malin Head to Mizen Head 2.Mizen Head to Malin Head 3. N-S-N Ireland Name of Rider: Jason Black Start Date: Friday 6th March 2020 Start Time: 12.14pm Start Location: Start/Finish line at Malin Head Tower, Ireland’s most Northerly Point Conditions: Very wet, slight winds 6.5 degrees Celsius Reason for attempting [...]

Jason Black – Ireland N-S Record – 2020-03-072020-03-15T16:53:07-07:00

Bill Windhorst – Indoor Track Record – 100km – Jan 12 2020


   Bill Windhorst - Indoor Track Record - 100km - Jan 12 2020 Congratulations to Bill Windhorst for setting the men's 60-69 Age group record for the 100Km Indoor Track on an upright bike with a time of 2:55:20.05 Here is his personal account of the attempt: My attempt to set the 100k solo indoor track record was held at the Lexus Velodrome, in Detroit, Michigan (USA) for age 60-69, on 1/12/2020.  You’ll understand why it took 00:2:55:21 to complete. Lexus is a 166 meter wood track.  50 degree turns & 15-20 in the straights.  “Only” 600 laps of the [...]

Bill Windhorst – Indoor Track Record – 100km – Jan 12 20202020-03-03T04:49:56-08:00

Bharat Pannu – India N-S – 2019-10-29


Congratulations to Bharat Pannu for setting the India N-S Male (18-49) record on a Standard bike from 2019-10-2 1 to 2019-10-29 He covered the 2240 miles in 8d - 9h 45 min - for an average speed of 11.10 mph Read about his adventure here: K2K Expedition (21st Oct to 29th Oct 2019) by Bharat Pannu, India K2K expedition was a CHALLENGE which I had been looking forward of attempting since past few years. I had to undergo strict training regime, immaculate planning before event and relentless efforts by my support crew members. It tested my determination and [...]

Bharat Pannu – India N-S – 2019-10-292019-12-08T17:07:24-08:00

Gerald Eddlemon – Outdoor Track records – 2019-10-18


Congratulations to Gerald (Gerry) Eddlemon for breaking 2 existing records in the 70+ age group category. 200 km in 07:35:54.89 121.813 Miles in 6 hours NOTE: Gerry owns so many records that sometimes he breaks his own records just for something to do! Here is Gerry's personal report: ============================= Rider G.K. Eddlemon’s Narrative Summary WUCA Time/Distance Trials Record Attempts for Track, 70+ age class, Oct. 18, 2019   The 119th and 120th WUCA/UMCA Records Note to reader: I’ve yet to recheck my arithmetic for total number of records, but I believe these are the correct figures.  And yes, some of [...]

Gerald Eddlemon – Outdoor Track records – 2019-10-182019-12-08T16:23:24-08:00
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