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2023 Year-End President’s Message


Dear WUCA Community, As 2023 comes to an end, I’d like to share a brief retrospect and an invitation for your involvement in 2024. The 2023 season saw two major steps forward for WUCA, and set the stage for an even broader invitation to ultra-cyclists around the world for 2024. For the first time in our sport, an Ultra-Cycling World Championship was held, hosted by the Race Around Poland, and was a tremendous success both in terms of organization and level of competition. The other noteworthy step was the introduction of a new website, overcoming what had been persistent technical [...]

2023 Year-End President’s Message2023-10-23T18:44:52-07:00

Have Some Fun; Try a Brevet!


The leaders of Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and the World UltraCycling Association (WUCA) recently came together over the realization that there was significant overlap in the interests of their respective members.  Believing that there are attractions to both forms of long distance cycling, and that many members in each organization may be tempted to try activities in the other realm, we thought you might be interested to hear from a few members with deep experience in both.  Our questions were answered by three respondents: Georgi Stoychev, Andrea Matney and Dan Driscoll.  All three have impressive resumes, built over years of participation [...]

Have Some Fun; Try a Brevet!2023-04-03T19:20:36-07:00

World Cup Rules; Mid-year Adjustment (Covid)


As the year unfolds and Covid continues to drive alterations to the race calendar, WUCA has revised the rules for the World Cup competion, enabling more participants and more flexibility for substitution of record attempts in lieu of races.  The ranking system and associated points scale are unchanged, but with the two changes below, we are hopeful that racers will be better able to put their fitness to the test and earn rankings accordingly.  The new rules document will be uploaded shortly (the current version is available to members via the button at top right of your screen when logged [...]

World Cup Rules; Mid-year Adjustment (Covid)2023-04-03T19:20:36-07:00

2021 President’s Letter


Well, 2020 was a year none of us will forget!  First, allow me to share the condolences of all at WUCA, including all of our membership, with those who lost loved ones to the pandemic.  As much as we all love cycling, the joy that it brings is no substitute for the family and friends who fill our lives.  We all adapted to the unexpected surprise of the pandemic in our own ways. From a WUCA perspective, there were two standout elements that filled the void left by cancelled races.  Of those who trained hard preparing for the 2020 season, [...]

2021 President’s Letter2023-04-03T19:20:36-07:00
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