Eating For Endurance


Ten Mantras for Endurance Cyclists by Susan I. Barr, PhD, RDN, FACSM Susan Barr, is a Professor of Nutrition, University of British Columbia. She is a veteran of the Rocky Mountain 1200, Paris-Brest-Paris, Team Furnace Creek 508, Pacific Crest and PAC Tours Ten Tips 1. One-way Principle ~ Food and drink should be palatable, go down easily, and stay down.   2. Moderation, Variety and Balance ~ Moderation: no good foods or bad foods; rather, healthy diets and not so healthy diets. ~ Variety: nutrients are distributed in different foods. ~ Balance: · your diet isn't too lopsided (e.g., so [...]

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Nutrition for a Century or Double


When you are planning a century or a double, your nutrition is as important as your training. Being nutritionally prepared, however, means more than just carbo-loading the night before. During the months leading up to your ride you must eat wisely and learn what, when, and how to eat to fuel the distance. by Jenny Hegmann, MS, RD Jenny Hegmann, MS, RD, is co-author of The Cyclist's Food Guide: Fueling for Distance (© 2005 Sports Nutrition Publishers) with Nancy Clark, MS, RD. Hegmann is a sports nutritionist and long-distance cyclist. She lives and works in the greater Boston area. Your [...]

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Eating For a Century, Brevet or Double Century


Whether you're going for a P.R. or prefer to smell the roses, nutritional factors will be major determinants of how successfully you meet your goals for a century, brevet, or double century. by Susan I. Barr, PhD, RDN Susan Barr, is on the faculty of University of British Columbia in nutrition. She is a veteran of Paris-Brest-Paris, the Rocky Mountain 1200 and many PAC Tours and Pacific Crest Tours. Introduction Optimizing your performance from the nutrition perspective involves a three-pronged approach: 1) glycogen supercompensation (carbohydrate loading) the week before the event; 2) eating a meal the morning of the event; [...]

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