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The WUCA’s “UltraCycling Cup Series” (UCCS) provides an opportunity for ultra-racers to compete in a series of events to determine the best ultracyclists in the world.

Prior to 2017, WUCA members racing in events earned points based on placing against other WUCA members in any event listed on the WUCA calendar.

From 2017, the WUCA has changed the way the rankings for the World Cup of UltraCycling are calculated to take into account the average speed of WUCA members racing in events over 12 hours, 24 hours and longer than 1000 miles. The full details of the Rules can be found here.

All of the races are listed in the calendar; results are listed in the standings.

You do not have to submit your races; this will be done by the Results Team. Please check the website to make sure you get proper credit.

Corrections will be made to the race database approximately every two weeks. Please use the Contact Results Team form for any corrections.

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