Congratulations to Preeti Maske for setting a new Unsupported Capital-Capital-Capital record from Thimphu – to – Kathmandu – to – Delhi in the Female, 18-49, Standard Bike Categories.

NOTE: This is also a new Guinness World Record!

Preeti also set 2 new embedded records during this record:

  • Unsupported Capital-Capital-Capital record from Thimphu – to – Kathmandu
  • Unsupported Capital-Capital-Capital record from Kathmandu – to – Delhi

During this record Preeti rode through 3 different countries on challenging hilly terrain in Bhutan and Nepal.

Riders Narrative 

Name of Rider -Preeti Maske India .

Record Name – India Nepal Bhutan cross country Himalayan solo unsupported cycling expedition ( female) 

Narrative – Route and terrain in Bhutan and Nepal is very high and difficult because of gradient of road , mountains , road construction work it is so challenging and that too without any support managing own route , luggage,food ,stay etc.Route is very scenic as we

ll .In India extreme heat and sudden severe rainfall , traffic made it more challenging.For passionate and adventure lover cyclists it is very good opportunity.Feeling very Happy and fortunate to complete such a challenge as a women 

Cycling in Bhutan is a hardwork and you will need a good level of fitness and determination. Challenge is not only physically but also a mentally to ride on higher altitude roads. There are plenty of passes and hilly challenges with Beautiful scenic routes.

 Nepal is challenging  because of hilly road passing through all Himalayan mountain roads , having extreme accends aand descends made more adventurous and thrilling experience throughout expedition .Road Construction work allover country from last few years made this route tough and  so challenging.

In India Hot temperature and sudden Heavy rain made it very difficult to finish at India Gate Delhi.