Congratulations to Dan McGehee for breaking the 100km and 100Mile indoor track records in the 60-69 age group on a standard bike

Distance Event KilometersTimeAvg Sp (Km)Avg Sp (Miles)Existing record : Male, 60-69, Standard bikenew record
100 Km Indoor Velodrome02:34:55.0838.7324.07Bill Windhorst 2020-01-12 00:02:55:20Yes
Distance Event MilesTimeAvg Sp (Miles)Avg Sp (Km)Existing record : Male, 60-69, Standard bikenew record
100 Mile Indoor Velodrome04:12:46.7423.7438.20Valerio Zamboni 2017-03-18 00:04:37:40Yes

Dan McGehee WUCA 100K and 100-mile Solo Standard Bike Indoor Velodrome 60+ Records attempt. April 30, 2023, 2:43 PM.

Dignity Health Sports Center Velodrome – a 250-meter indoor Siberian pine velodrome in Carson, California. Average of 73-degrees F. Fabulous crew with Greg Hemmerlin (crew chief), Cooper Davis (live stream), Mary McGehee, Jeannette Burns, Carrie Kornetsky, and Catherine Marsh. Dedicated certified officials who provided the specific WUCA structure and impeccable timing results: Larry Burns (lead official), Jason Kornetsky (CEP Timing, secondary official), Dr. Gerard Hefferon (ancillary official). These attempts give me the ability to set a date that can fit into my family and clinical life schedules. The WUCA has Rules that are structured and specific, but still allow for the implementation of new technologies, very much like the triathlon world that I came from in 1990’s. I started on a Cervelo P3 with front and rear Zipp disc wheels, a No-Pinz skinsuit, and a Giro Selector aero helmet. On lap 202, approx 1:17 into the attempt, my front tubular blew out and I had to switch to my back-up Cervelo T3 fixed-gear, with a Falcon rear disc and a front HED H3C. The position on theT3 was close enough to my P3 that I settled in well, but was stuck now with just the one gear for the remaining 442 laps. The time loss for the bike exchange was not as significant as the issue of being on a different bike for the majority of the attempt – less aero and less familiar. This certainly was the most taxing part of the ride and it happened just before the 60K, where I was planning on lifting my pace to the 100Kmark. However, the thought of losing more time to switch back was not enticing, so I decided to only do that if necessity arose.

Hand-offs are always challenging at speed – but on a heavily banked 250-meter track with a fixed-gear, it can be exceptionally formidable. Greg and Cooper were rock-stars – we missed a couple but they found a way to deliver so I could stay relaxed.

I burned approx 4500 calories and replaced with Fluid Sports Nutrition (my favorite, Passion Fruit Tea), Shot Bloks, and Gu gels.

The times that I was provided, by the lead official and timer, was 100K – 2:34:56 and the 100-mile – 4:12:48.

I am Blessed to be able to do these types of events and am forever grateful to my wife and children for all of their support. It takes a team to prepare for these efforts. No matter how good a cyclist is, he/she cannot get to start line of these alone. The support of Markus Zimmer of Bicycle Ranch (Scottsdale/Tucson) and Paraic McGlynn of Cyclologic (Scottsdale) enhacing my aerodynamic ability have been irreplaceable.  A huge shout-out to Jason and Carrie Kornetsky for their timing expertise as well as securing the MyLaps timing system that was able to connect directly into the tracks lines.  I am so fortunate to have Dr Hefferon as my energy-specialist chiropractor, for many years now, to keep my body and mind in line, as well as the Brophy College Prep cycling community for their motivation, support, and inspiration. All have been critical X-factors in my ability to strive for my potential – and as more than just a cyclist.