Congratulations to Marshal Randall for breaking his previous 4 WUCA records in the Male, 60-65, Trike categories. These are also non-age group Guinness World Records

Distance Event KilometersTimeAvg Sp (Km)Avg Sp (Miles)Existing records : Male, Trike, 60-69 age groupnew record
100 Km Road02:51:32.8834.9821.73Marshall Randall 2022-09-23 00:02:54:09 21.41yes
200 Km Road06:19:35.9631.6119.64Marshall Randall 2022-09-23 00:06:47:43 18.29yes
Distance Event MilesTimeAvg Sp (Miles)Avg Sp (Km)Existing records : Male, Trike, 18-49 age groupnew record
100 Mile Road04:54:25.2720.3832.80Marshall Randall 2022-09-23 00:05:15:20 19.03yes
Timed EventMilesKilometersAvg Sp (Miles)Avg Sp (Km)Existing records : Male, Trike, 18-49 age groupnew record
6 Hour Road118.533190.76019.7631.79Marshall Randall 2022-09-23 111.843 18.64yes

Three Wheel Recumbent Road Record For 

100k, 200k 100 Mile And 6 Hour

By Marshall E Randall

On 4/28/2023 at 8:00 AM 

  • Start location was the intersection of 120th and S Oak.  This route is a loop route and begins and ends 92 feet North of the S Oak Stop sign at the intersection of the 120th and So Oak. 
  • Conditions: The air temperature at the 8:00 AM start was cool, and a breeze was already present, and the wind continued to build throughout the day.  Half of the course is very exposed with no visible vegetation for a mile in either direction, this made the record attempt more difficult with the noticeable wind that again was relentless.  It was a unique ride as the roads were mostly clear of traffic save for the tractors and their equipment entering and leaving the fields on either side of S Oak.
  • The why is simple, I was really sure that I could better my last years records, but as sure as I was it didn’t prove to be that simple. Again, there were obstacles to overcome, isn’t that always the case.
  • Equipment used, again my GreenSpeed Aero, its mostly stock with very few modifications.  
  • For nutrition it was Nuun for hydration, 4 Maurten Gu’s and one peanut butter and banana sandwich at the very end. 
  • Best Part, my team, which includes my wife, going through my laps at goal pace and what appears to be some new records is nice, but this attempt really emphasized for me the value of my friends / crew.  I was one grumpy guy for this record attempt, it wasn’t easy, I wanted to throw in the towel, they wouldn’t let me, they kept me going.  I couldn’t have done it without them.  All I had to do was ride hard, what they had to do was keep me going and I really do think that was more challenging. So, the best part, realizing I have great friends. Short add to the story here, kind of funny, at one point when I was really struggling and wanting to quit, one of the crew called my wife as she was at the start finish turnaround, and says to her, HELP tell me what to do he wants to quit, tell me what to tell him to keep him going.  They all knew she had been there done that with me.  She has always been there for my endurance events, she has seen me so close to the edge so many times, she always finds the encouraging tone to keep me going.  
  • Hardest part, dropping my chain twice while pushing the U turns / turn arounds and trying to make up time from that. Then when I saw my watts dropping around the three-hour point, and knowing I had burned a lot of candles and that it wasn’t going to be an easy day from there on out. There were places where I was once averaging 22 – 23 mph and now it was hard to maintain 18 mph, man it was hard trying to stay motivated at those slower speeds.  
  • Unusual things for the day, I would say my team would say the most unusual thing was me.  But for me it was the stark contrast of someone all dressed in lycra on a low to the ground recumbent trike zipping up and down the road while numerous tractors were doing the same but at their slow lumbering pace.  The contrast of this person trying to set some records while others were peacefully plowing, discing and planting their fields.  The contrast of them leaving trails of dirt and clumps of mud on the road and me dodging them. 
  • Finish location, the finish location is the same as the start, it was the intersection of 120th and S Oak.  This route is a loop route and begins and ends 92 feet North of the S Oak Stop sign at the intersection of the 120th and So Oak. 

Finish time, the finish time was 6 hours 29 minutes. I didn’t get to the 200k in under the six hours but I finished the lap I was on to get to the 200k mark and was well under my old 200k record, you will see that in the GPX – GPS file I am including from Strava.