Congratulation to John Harthoorn -who set the Iowa W-E record for Male (60-69 ) recumbent class on June 20, 2020.

He covered the 276 miles in 14 hr and 36 minutes for an average speed of 18.9 mph


His personal account is below:

My name is John Harthoorn, age 69, from Watkins, IA. Saturday, June 20th, 2020 I was able to complete the Iowa West-East cross state. This was a repeat of my very first cross-state done 13 years earlier. That time I just tried to survive. This time I tried for a good time, frequently doing hand offs and keeping breaks infrequent and brief. My effort commenced at 5:44am with good daylight and was completed at 8:20pm, well before dark. Starting at the Missouri River in Omaha, NE, on Highway 92 and finishing at the Mississippi River on Highway 92 in Muscatine, IA. The total distance was 276 miles and elapsed time of 14:36 – Avg. speed 19.0 mph. The temperature topped out at 85 degrees F and was quite muggy. I started with a partial headwind but that became a light partial tailwind for most of the day. I had some light rain for about 40 miles. My fueling plan was simple, “Tailwind” Endurance mix along with a few gels and rice cakes. I finished strong and still felt very good