Joseph Lawhorn – Ohio W-E Record – 2020-06-06

//Joseph Lawhorn – Ohio W-E Record – 2020-06-06

Congratulations to Joseph Lawhorn who broke the all time Ohio W-E record on June 6, 2020

e road the 233 miles in a record time of 11 hours 26 min for an average speed of 20.38 mph

Here is his rider’s summary:

Record attempt: Ohio W-E

Name of Rider: Joseph Lawhorn

Start date & start time: June 6, 2020 at 7:00 a.m.

Exact start location: SR 114 at OH/IN state line (west of McGill)

What were conditions like? No wind, 80-degree temperatures, clear & sunny.

Why did you want to do a record? Due to COVID-19 & the decline in race events, I wanted to do this to grab attention for my sponsors. This attempt gave them something positive to promote & pictures to post on their social media. I also wanted to help draw attention to the World Ultra Cycling Association.

What equipment did you use? For the whole attempt I was on my Fuji Norcom 2.5 Time Trial bike.

What did you eat & drink? I was on an all liquid diet for this record. I used GU Roctane drink mix, ensure & GU energy gels.

What was the best part? The part I enjoyed most was getting to race across my home state.

What was the hardest part? The paperwork & logistics.

Did anything particularly unusual happen? At mile 9.5 I had a deer run out in front of me! I also was stopped by two trains which I found to be odd. I hardly get stopped by trains when training in Southern Ohio. Besides these things, just another day in the office!

Exact finish location? US 224 at OH/PA state line (east of Poland)

Exact finish time? 6:26p.m. (finish time 11 hr. 26. min. 14 seconds)

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