Congratulations to Ryan Collins who set the Maryland N-S record on a Standard bike in the Senior (18-49) category. He rode the 140.7 miles in 5 hr 30 min = 25.58 mph


Here is his account of his attempt:

Record Attempted: State Crossing MD N-S

Name of Rider: Ryan Collins

Start Date: Thursday July, 9th,2020 6:20am

Starting Point: MD North-MD 213 @ MD/PA Line (0.05 mi south of PA 841/PA472)

Conditions: lite winds to start from the east, intensifying through the attempt and shifting to a southernly headwind by the end. Temperatures starting in the 70s and rising to the low 90s.

Why attempt a record: Tackling a record was a way to motivate training and pursue a fun avenue for challenge and personal accomplishment.

What equipment did you use: Standard bike (BMC TM01)

What did you eat and drink: Skratch Labs drink mix and energy bars

What was the best part: Riding through new roads and fast speeds

What was the hardest part: The last hour into a hot headwind was like having a blow-dryer in my face. The road was in poor shape and, all factors combined, led to a mental and physical challenge.

Did anything particularly unusual happen: No

Ending Point: MD- South-US 13 @ MD/VA line ( South Side of intersection of US 13 and sparrow rd MD 780)

Finish time: 11:50am