Rider’s Narrative Summary
Record Attempt: Tennessee S-N, N-S, S-N-S
Rider: Johnny Burrell
9-24-2017     6:52 AM CST
Start location: Genesis United Methodist Church
Hwy 231 state line TN-AL
The conditions were clear, sunny skies 64 low 90.6 high.
I did these records to raise money and attention for the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation
I rode a Trek Speed Concept Time Trial bike with a Zipp Super 9 rear disk wheel and Firecrest 808 front wheel.
I ate and drank sports mix, grape juice and ice water along with a few turkey avocado sandwiches, dates and sushi (mango California rolls)
The best part of the ride was when I realized I was having one of the best days I have ever had as an athlete and that I was going to break the S-N record by over an hour.
The hardest part was dealing with the heat during the return N-S leg and having to stop and wait at so many red lights on both legs of the attempt.
Finish S-N:  Hwy 231 state line Tn-KY
Finish N-S & S-N-S:  Genesis United Methodist Church  Hwy 231  state line TN-Al border
Finish time 7:03 PM CST