This has been a challenge from the outset.
Originally I had planned to ride this attempt with my brother on a custom build tandem. Alas a problem sorting wheels from Holland with a supplier who let us down. Eventually lead to us having to ride an older lightweight touring tandem of mine. Whilst a good  bike, it was not designed for what we wanted to do.
The next problem was my stoker and brother Iain due to circumstances beyond his control had to pull out at the eleventh hour. The support team and official had no other window than the day planned.
Olly from the support crew stepped up and a last minute application was made to yourself.
The next hurdle on the day was the great British weather. The first storm of the season storm Aileen hit on the day of the attempt.
On the day the wind had us and the bike in knots, wow what a ride. The tandem frame was not the stiffest , with sharp climbs and rolling roads and being hit by very strong gusting winds made for a challenging ride. At the mid point at the border of England it was very apparent that riding back to St Davids would be far to dangerous and that leg was aborted.
So glad that Olly stuck with it. Allowing us to set a mark for crossing Wales from west to east on a tandem.