Individual YR Submissions

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Year Rounder submissions are verified and standings are posted monthly. Questions? Contact the Year Rounder team.
2018 Submissions
(Rides that have a "Y" in the standings column are included in the current standings. Verified rides not in the current standings will be included next time.)

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# event date event name distance (unit) elevation (unit) ride type bike type verified standings
12018-03-30OK is OK 217k RUSA brevet pre ride134.63 miles2910 feetorganizedstandard2018-03-31YY
22018-04-29Celestial Jaunt 203k Permanent126.25 miles4072 feetpersonalstandard2018-05-02YY
32018-05-21WRL year rounder90.30 miles1296 feetpersonalstandard2018-05-21YY
42018-05-26La Bella Rani Duecento 211k Brevet131.65 miles3156 feetorganizedstandard2018-05-26YY
52018-06-14Elm Mott Trot 205k Permanent/Tandem128.23 miles3061 feetpersonalstandard2018-06-15YY
62018-06-30Celestial Jaunt 100k Permanent126.57 miles4734 feetpersonalstandard2018-07-01YY
72018-07-08Jailhouse 216k Permanent135.13 miles4173 feetpersonalstandard2018-07-08YY
82018-08-24Jailhouse 216k Permanent solo Add a description135.05 miles4075 feetpersonalstandard2018-08-27YY
92018-09-09Grasslands 200k Permanent125.24 miles2835 feetpersonalstandard2018-09-09YY
102018-09-29OK is OK 217k ACP brevet134.00 miles3189 feetorganizedstandard2018-09-29YY
112018-10-20Never on a Sunday 200k Permanent128.51 miles2831 feetpersonalstandard2018-10-21YY
122018-12-15LSR Christmas Brevet Italy 211k La Bella Rani131.30 miles3264 feetorganizedtandem2018-12-16YY