Congratulation to Dragomir Titer for setting a new Capital-to-Capital record from Bucharest, Romania – to – Sofia, Bulgaria on July 31, 2020

Categories: Male, 18-49 age group on a standard bike

He completed the 412 kilometers in 21 hours 44 minutes

Here is his Summary:

Record attempt: Capital to Capital. From Parliament building Bucharest Romania to National Assembly Building Sofia Bulgaria.
Name of Rider: Titei Dragomir
Start date and time: 31-JUL-2020 16:25
Start location: Parliament Building, Bucharest Romania
What were conditions like? – Clear, 36 gr Celsius, Humidity 29%, Wind 9km/h from WNW.
Why did you want to do a record? – Good motivation to challenge myself.
What equipment did you use? – Nothing special, night stuff as was riding in the night time also, and tried do not take to many things to have my bike not heavy.
What did you eat & drink? – Food and water I was buying on the shops and gas stations during the ride, usually it was sandwiches and snacks.
What was the best part? – The best part was last apx 100km in the mountains side – beautiful view.
What was the hardest part? – Bad road between km 230-300
Did anything particularly unusual happen? – No, everything went as I planned.
Finish location: National Assembly Building, Sofia Bulgaria
Finish date and time: 01-AUG-2020 14:10