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Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 2018


      Rider’s Narrative Summary Record attempt by Karen Taylor Age 52 Masters Category Attempt date: 08/08/2018 at 10:00 am GMT Held at Quibell Park Outdoor Velodrome – Length 485m, surface macadam, degree of banking at ends 45 degrees, degree of middle of banking at middle of straights 12 degree’s, length of straights 100m. The conditions were warm at 23.3 celsius and as the attempt went on the wind picked up with short gusts hitting me into the bends and along the back straight causing balance issues. The idea of doing a track record attempt was thought of as [...]

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 20182020-03-03T04:48:35-08:00

Peter Horton – 100Km record – 50-59 Male Standard – May 6, 2018


Rider’s Narrative Summary Record Attempt: - 100 Km Distance Road Solo Rider: - Peter John Horton, 51 years old, United Kingdom Crew: - Danny White, Lesa White and Luisa Mabee Eddlemon Officials: - Gerald “Gerry” Eddlemon, James Galo and Mickey Ledbetter At 8.00.00 am of May 6th 2018 I finally got toattempt to achieve the 100 Km Distance Road Solo at Lumberton North Carolina which was Nationally Certified by Danny White – USATF/RRTC in June 2017. I started on Hilly Branch Road (Hwy. 301) just South of US Hwy. 74 and completed the first loop of 32.19 miles and then [...]

Peter Horton – 100Km record – 50-59 Male Standard – May 6, 20182020-03-03T04:53:59-08:00

Christoph Strasser Sets Eleven Records on Indoor Track


Record attempt: indoor track 6/12/24h, indoor track 100/200/300/500km, indoor track 100/200/300/500mi by Christoph Strasser (AUT) Date and location: The attempt was startet on Saturday, 14th October and ended on Sunday 15th October 2017 at 1pm in the Tissot-Velodrome Suisse, which is known from international record rides like the 1-hour-UCI-record from Jens Voigt and Rohan Dennis. The conditions in the Velodrome were perfect, the track is very new and in a perfect condition, the temperature and humidity very comfortable and stable. Equipment: I was considering to ride a track bike but then decided to ride on a road bike, because I [...]

Christoph Strasser Sets Eleven Records on Indoor Track2020-03-03T04:50:58-08:00

Danese Ride Report


Rider: Marcello Danese, 52 years old, Italy CREW: Cristiano Caporali (Crew Chief and coach), Antonio Foroni (timekeeper), Eugenio Bedin,Carlo Zago, Roberto Quartarolo,Luigi Baietta, Loris Endrizzi,Andrea Ridolfi. mechanic : PietroStocco massagist : Marco Pozzani OFFICIAL : Marco Dal Zovo, Monica Minucelli e Paolo Ferraro At 9:13:54 am of June 2nd 2017, in the village of Quaderni begins the attempt to beat the record of ‘cycling for 24h on road’. Weather-conditions are good except for the atmospheric temperature which has reached 32°C, unusual for the season and the wind, usually absent in June, but after months of physical and mental preparation, it [...]

Danese Ride Report2017-07-13T03:09:29-07:00
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