Congratulations to Arvis Sprude on his new HWMR WUCA Record

A record attempt during the competition seemed impossible to everyone, but my goal was to make it possible.
I chose to set the record in Poland because I knew it would be quite a challenge. Choosing an already known route is easy, but doing it in an environment where you are for the first time is madness.
Already in the first days, many Poles thought that I had come to the campsite, but we strictly stuck to the plan to ride until 01:00 at night and then start again at 04:00, giving me 3 hours to rest and recover. Of course, there were small breaks of up to 30 minutes in between to regain strength. The biggest challenge was the Tatra mountains, but they were overcome according to the plan in 3 days and then it was left to continue on the route, which is more suitable for the record. Unprepared, we were surprised by the heat in the mountains, as well as the various roads on the route – especially the pavement, which does not allow us to drive fast.
The most vivid events were that I was bitten by bees and I broke a tooth, and one of the days the team lost me for 8 hours. All this definitely affected the course of the record, but I think what I did gives everyone hope that nothing is impossible, everything depends only on you and how much you believe in your goal.
This record gave me the confidence that I can do more than I think