Congratulations to Anna Mei for her new 2 WUCA World Records.

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles) Existing records female, solo, 50-59 new record
200 Kilometer outdoor track 06:16:43.53 31.85 19.79 Anna Mei, 2020-10-08, 6:22:33, 19.33 mph yes
Timed Event Miles Kilometers Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) Existing records female, solo, 50-59 new record
6 Hour outdoor track 118.99 191.50 19.83 31.92 none yes


Anna Mei rider’s narrative summary

The 12h outdoor velodrome record attempt started at 5am, July 10Th.

The velodrome is located in Bassano del Grappa, close to the famous Monte Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.

The first two hours and a half where with good weather conditions. I was pushing the race pace I decided to ride (between 140 and 160 watts). Nice and easy and enjoying every kilometer of this new world record attempt on that loop.

During the sunrise, a bad wind started to rush in; at the beginning coming from the close valley created from the Monte Grappa, later changing direction, and turning into the velodrome, creating twister inside of it.

It has been difficult to manage: driving with 80cm wheels was dangerous so I opted to 50’s.

I changed my track bike with the crono one’s so I could push easier when in front, more when tally wind.

But it was a naughty wind…turning and turning…people after told me that this situation happens usually after a storm, and we had a big one the day before the attempt.

I rode 34 km/h two hours and a half which was the one I was supposed to ride for 6 hours, then I slowed down, trying to manage this situation: wind.

As always, this record attempt was created for raise fund and make know the epidermiolysis bullosae, a rare terrible skin disease.

Of course I was upset, doing the attempt, looking at what was going on: at one moment I saw the tents flying in the middle of the soccer filed, rushed from the wind, and my team running close to them, worried about me and my safety on the velodrome. But nothing happened to me, I just tried to keep pedaling and pedaling and pedaling.

Of course, after 200 km I already knew if the wind didn’t stop it wouldn’t been possible to go for other records, but “hope never dies”, so I keep pedaling waiting for better conditions that arrived at the end of it, at 5 pm, when the sun started at sunset.

It has been a very hot day, but I do love to ride when is hot so mentally it hasn’t been hard for me to manage the sun; I used two camelback, filled with ice, that turning to water has been so so good to drink. Same time I had bottles full with integration like carbo’s, salts, proteins.

When I stopped I eat only watermelon, ice cream, gels.

The best part of it has been the beginning of the course, feeling so so good, and reaching the first records, 6 h and 200k.

At that time my thoughts where: Ok the wind is gonna stop now…

But it became stronger and stronger.
So this was the hard part, especially to accept the fact that : ok with this wind, no more records…

So the 12h run very fast and the wind stared to go slower at 4:40…but it was the end.

The second best part of it has been the end: if you work hard to reach a goal and it didn’t came, but you have done all your best training and pushing yourself mentally and physically, you can only be satisfied about yourself. After this record attempt I feel I am a better person and there has been nothing more I could do.

I understood one important thing: Bassano del Grappa is not a good velodrome for record attempt. Too much windy, all seasons, coming from the Alps, so close.

Funny thing: older pro rider told me it was famous for this wind, and during track competition many crashes where caused from it, pushing all the riders down, especially on turns.

So next time let’s search a better place!