Congratulations to Amit Samarth for his new WUCA record!

Riders Narrative Summary 

Record Attempt: Golden Quadrilateral Highway Network, India- Circumnavigation (Anti-clockwise) Name of the rider: Amit Samarth, India 

Start Date: 15th February, 2021 

Start time: 04:10 hours. (rounded off to nearest minute from exact start time with seconds 04:09:54 AM as per WUCA rules) 

Start location: Vashi Toll Bridge. The exact start location was after the Vashi Toll Bridge. If a rider  is approaching Vashi from Mumbai and heading towards Pune, then the start point is after crossing  the Vashi Creek and after crossing the toll gate (on the Navi Mumbai side of the toll gate and not  towards the creek). See photograph No. 1 below showing the toll gates. 

The actual start point described here is about 300 meters (approx.) from the North most point of the  Vashi Bridge (on the creek). As we were not allowed to start from the bridge as its narrow, we chose  to start from the Vashi Toll booth which is a major and easily recognizable landmark.  

Lat / Long of Start Location: 19.06479 o, 72.98091o

What the conditions were like:  

Approximately 55% of the road was through flat terrain while the other 45% was rolling / hilly /  mountainous terrain. We passed through the mountains of the Western Ghats (Between Mumbai &  Pune), Parasnath Hills (between Dhanbad and Aurangabad) and the Aravallis (Between Delhi and  Mehsana, Gujarat). We also passed through the region of the Eastern Ghats (TN, coastal Andhra,  Odisha) but the Golden Quadrilateral Highway passes through the flat terrain that lies between the  hills of the Eastern Ghats and the coast.  

Most of the road was 4-lane divided carriageway with either cement top or bitumen/tar. Over all the  road condition was good, but due to road widening / expansion of the roads in many places the road  surface was bad or traffic was diverted to one side of the road resulting in confusion and very dusty  conditions.  

Traffic conditions were also very heavy resulting in traffic jams at the toll booths or at intersections. We lost almost 6 hours while stuck in a traffic jam near Mehsana. Crossing cities on the way was  tedious due to heavy traffic in the cities, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. We  were very slow and lost time in traffic in cities such as Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata &  at Delhi-Gurgaon.  

Overall, the weather was very hot in the day as we were already towards the end of the winter season  in India. During the ride from Chennai to Kolkata, it was very humid due to proximity to the coast.  The additional humidity made the heat even more intolerable. I experienced cold weather near  Varanasi / Delhi during the night hours.  

Overall, the wind conditions were opposite the direction I was riding in, this was an artefact of the  anti-clockwise direction (Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkata-Delhi-Mumbai) which I had chosen for my ride.  If I had chosen to ride in a clockwise (Mumbai-Delhi-Kolkata-Chennai-Mumbai) direction, then I  would have had more favorable wind conditions.  

Why did you want to do a record? 

At a strictly personal level, I wanted to do this record as a symbol of my individual ability as a  sportsperson to excel at the world level and to explore the limits of human endurance. My other larger  objectives were to aid in the promotion of cycling as a means of transport and to inspire others that  cycling is also a way to achieve physical fitness.  

Apart from the above one of my major goals to attempt this record was to raise funds for charity. I  have been a philanthropist and donated money in the past to the Lok Biradari Prakalp (LBP), a project  in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. The LBP nurtures tribal children hailing from an underprivileged 

background and trains them in various sports. Through this record attempt, we raised a sum of approx.  Rs. 9,00,000/- Indian Rupees for sustaining the activities of the Lok Biradari Prakalp.  

What equipment did you use? Anything special? 

Bicycles: I had planned to use a total of 4 bicycles which we carried. These were a Scott Addict RC  2020 model, a Scott Addict 2016 model, a Scott Foil and a Scott Plasma.  

I used the Scott Addict RC 2020 the most, followed by the Scott Foil and then the Scott Addict 2016  model. I considered using the Scott Plasma a couple of times, but did not use it considering the traffic  on the roads in the first few days and my fatigued status on day 12/13. 

Communication: The crew communicated with me using a Terrano Bluetooth radio which was  mounted on my cycling helmet and used the radio for important communication regarding my  nutrition and navigation. I also carried a cellphone in my cycling jersey back pocket which was a  backup mode of communication in case I got separated from my crew / car in case of some  unforeseen situation especially in the heavy city traffic.  

Sensors: I had a few biometric sensors to record data on my biological parameters continuously.  

1) I was wearing a Garmin Heart Rate monitor mounted on a chest strap.  

2) I was also wearing a core body temperature sensor mounted on the same strap as the heart rate  monitor. 

3) Apart from this I had a muscle oxygen saturation measurement sensor which was fixed on my  thigh under the cycling shorts that I wore.  

4) I had Vector power pedals from Garmin which could measure my power output on the  bicycle. 

5) All the sensor data was collated on the Garmin watch and a cellphone that I carried in my  back pocket most of the times 

Apart from the above biometry equipment, I had a Garmin Edge cyclo-computer mounted on the  handlebar for recording data and I also used a Globalstar SPOT tracker which was recording my  location at regular intervals. This was kept in the back pocket of my cycling jersey.  

What did you eat or drink? 

I had instructed my crew to ensure that I consume approximately 10,000-12,000 calories in a day. My  crew aimed to feed me something approximately once every 20 minutes. Detailed logs were  maintained regarding the food given and its quantity consumed. A back end team kept track of the 

approx. calories and instructed the active crew of the intake and any changes to be made. Fluids  consumed and urine output were also logged in. 

Macronutrients: Proteins, carbohydrates and fats:  

My crew aimed to feed me enough protein so that my body had enough protein to repair the muscles.  Carbohydrates were also consumed so that the body had a steady and regular supply of carbohydrates  for fuel. We also aimed to ensure that my food intake had an appropriate amount of fats, as fats are  energy dense foods and the body can metabolise fats as well to fuel the muscles.  

Slightly watery ‘Khichdi’ (a mix of rice, green gram (moong dal) with clarified butter (ghee)) and  boiled potatoes (with salt) and eggs formed the most important components of my diet. Potatoes were  consumed after boilingthem with salt, or as French fries or as a cooked potato patty. The khichdi and  potatoes gave me enough carbs for the ride. Another key component of my diet was 2-3 scoops of a  commercial protein supplement (Fast & Up Plant Protein) dissolved in water (spiked with some  honey) which ensured that I got adequate protein (>1 gm per kg of my body weight per day) to  support muscle repair and that my body did not end up burning protein for energy. Items like ‘Gulab  Jamun’ were also consumed because they were energy dense foods. Peanut butter sandwiches,  ‘paranthas’, Sandwiches with butter and chutney, banana chips, potato chips, Snickers bars, Bounty  bars, energy dense homemade laddoos were part of my diet everyday. Regional specialties such as  rice ‘idli’ (with sugar/chutney), ‘upma’, ‘venn pongal’, ‘dhokla’, ‘litti chokha’ etc were also  consumed based on their availability as many volunteers and well-wishers used to bring food when  we passed through the cities. Fruits that were available and consumed were oranges, banana, apple,  watermelon. Fresh fruit was mostly consumed in the form of a juice by blending the fruits with  additional sugar and a pinch of salt. I consumed watermelons for the maximum time as it was widely  available and sugarcane juice when available. 

Most foods were consumed in rotation (alternated between sweet and spicy food) so that I did not get  bored of eating the same food and there was adequate variety to ensure a change of taste as it is  difficult to consume food at frequent intervals (thrice an hour on an average) over a 14 day period.  

Hydration, micronutrients and electrolytes: I used to drink plain water (bottled water) to ensure  that I stay hydrated. Coconut water, both fresh and bottled, were another widely available and  regularly consumed drink. At regular intervals, the crew mixed a commercial energy / electrolyte  powder ‘Enerzal’ with additional rock salt, dissolved in water, so that I had adequate electrolytes to  replace the loss due to sweating. Vital-Z was another electrolyte brand which was regularly consumed with water. I also used ‘Fast & Up Reload’, another electrolyte supplement dissolved in the water.  

I also consumed multi-vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, calcium and iron supplements in the form of  tablets/capsules twice a day.

Stimulants: I used to have a cup of coffee on most days in the morning hours when it was available. I  drank Redbull which has a lot of caffeine and sugars which help to keep me alert and awake during  the long periods of sleep deprivation. I drank a maximum of two cans of Red Bull / day. Towards the  last five days of the ride, I also consumed one portion / day of another caffeine drink, ‘Five Hour  Energy’. 

On an average, the daily intake was maintained at approximately 9500-10000 calories per 24 hours.  

The nutrition ensured that I did not lose much body weight during the ride. My body weight was 82  kgs at the beginning of the ride and at the end of the event record attempt I weighed just 2.5 kgs lesser  at 79.5 kg. 

What was the best part? 

The fact that we managed to complete the ride between two waves of the COVID pandemic and that  the entire team members safely reached home was the best part. COVID could have caused us to  abandon the ride, or we could have been stuck in a remote location in case of an imposition of a  lockdown, however none of these contingencies arose.  

Support from the people for their generous donations towards the charitable cause was another highly  encouraging factor.  

Another unique aspect was the use of biometry technology, never used previously in India, to collect  data which will help further the science of sports physiology was another factor that I felt privileged  to use and be a part of.  

What was the hardest part? 

The road conditions in India were the hardest part as compared to my previous long road riding  attempts in the Race Across America and the RedBull Trans-Siberian Extreme. Traffic, bumpy road  conditions, passing through densely populated cities with heavy traffic, dusty, hot and humid  conditions and dealing with unsupportive wind conditions made the ride very difficult. 

Did anything particularly unusual happen? 

Nothing particularly unusual happened. 

Exact finish date: 28th February, 2021 

Exact finish time: 13:59 hours (rounded off to nearest minute from 13:58:36 / 01:58:36 PM as per  WUCA Rules)  

Exact finish location: Vashi Toll Bridge. The exact end location was after the Vashi Toll Bridge. If a  rider is approaching Vashi from Mumbai and heading towards Pune, then the end point is after  crossing the Vashi Creek and after crossing the toll gate. (on the Navi Mumbai side of the toll gate  and not towards the creek). The end point was on the opposite lane as compared to the start point. See  Photograph No. 2 below showing the toll gates 

Lat/Long of end point: 19.064433o, 72.98126o 


Note: Please note that the geographical co-ordinates (GPS locations) recorded during the ride will have an error of 3-5  meters. These errors are inherent in all GPS systems used by non-military usage / civilians. We did not have access to more  accurate GPS systems such as WAAS etc. 


As an athlete and a fitness coach in my hometown, I have been maintaining a high level of fitness  preparation with my daily workouts which consist of a mix of runs, strength training, flexibility  training, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling and swimming.  

My specific preparations for the Golden Quadrilateral ride started approximately in September, 2020,  both for the logistics as well as my own physical preparedness for the long 6000 kilometer ride. 

On the logistics front, I worked with my crew chiefs who had significant experience in ultracycle  crewing having been on my team in the Race Across America and the Trans-Siberian Race. They  started working on the route, vehicles, equipment and the fund-raising elements of the larger plan.  

We also worked on putting together a crew who would need to be drilled in the intricacies of ultra cycle crewing. The newer members of the crew started accompanying me on my practice rides to get  practical experience.  

Apart from my regular training, I increased my training tempo from the 1st week of December, 2020  till 31st January, 2021. I started going on longer rides of which I did about 10 long rides ranging from  135 kilometers to 480 kilometers. I mixed my outdoor rides to get exposure to nighttime as well as  day time rides and also get varied exposure to the weather (sun, winds). I also put in a couple of  indoor rides on my trainer in this period. I tapered off the training from 31st January, 2021 and started  focusing more on recovery and also putting on weight as I expected to lose a lot of weight during the  GQ ride.  

On the 14th February (a day prior to the start), I focused a lot on sleeping as I knew that the next  fortnight or so, I would not get adequate rest. 

Details of some of the the longer practice rides are summarized in the table below:

Id  Title  Date  Distance  Time
Biking  05-12-2020 07:20  45.83  07:16:45
200 km Night Ride  13-12-2020 16:32  200.01  06:25:43
Endurance Running  16-12-2020 08:03  8.03  07:01:37
Nagpur Pachmarhi Nagpur  19-12-2020 06:22  479.01  00:48:54
Nagpur Khawasa Nagpur  21-12-2020 16:11  204.29  20:00:43
Jalwaa Ride  28-12-2020 08:36  150.25  04:20:42
New Year Ride 200 km  01-01-2021 07:04  202.56  06:02:01
Zwift Ride- 6 Hours  02-01-2021 17:03  213.47  04:39:30
Nagpur-Amravati Ride  09-01-2021 14:52  135.09  04:01:40
10  Nagpur Chandrapur Ride  10-01-2021 08:39  135.05  10:21:03
11  Chandrapur Jamtha Pench Nagpur  11-01-2021 16:10  302.03  06:46:41
12  Ride Across India Training Ride  16-01-2021 06:25  200.99  01:10:55
13  Pace Run  17-01-2021 08:39  14.01  06:35:38
14  Nagpur-Khavasa-Nagpur 204km  18-01-2021 17:06  204.06  01:34:14
15  55 km Time Trial Test Ride  20-01-2021 08:25  55.13  02:02:43
16  2 hrs low and high intensity ride  28-01-2021 09:15  72.07  01:29:52


Day wise description 

Day 1: 15th February, 2021:  

Total time: 19 hours and 51 mins (Considering a start time of 04:09 AM from Vashi Toll Gate) Start Point: Vashi Toll Bridge, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 

End Point at midnight of 15th February, 2021: Bagewadi, 489 km distance marker. Distance covered: 489 kilometers 

I woke up at 1 AM and reviewed all preparations and some final discussions with the crew who were  preparing for the ride. We proceeded to the Start Point at about 2:30 AM.  

After a symbolic start at the iconic Gateway of India (Mumbai) at 3:00 AM, we rode till Vashi and  started the actual record attempt from the Vashi Toll Gate (following the WUCA directions) at 04:09  AM. 

My internal target for the ride was to accomplish this in 12 days.  

On the first day, 15th February, 2021, we covered a distance of 489 kilometers when we reached a  town called Bagewadi at midnight of 15th February, 2021. On the way, we crossed the massive  Western Ghats Mountain Range via the Lonavala and Khandala Ghats, crossed the towns of Pune,  Satara, Karad, Kolhapur, Belgaum before we reached Bagewadi. Being the first day, I was feeling  good and rode almost non-stop with just three small breaks, (13 minutes, 17 minutes and 10 minutes).  

Day 2: 16th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours  

Start Point: Bagewadi, Karnataka 

End Point at midnight of 16th February, 2021: Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka (972 Kilometers  marker) 

Distance covered: 483 kilometers 

Post the mid-night mark, I continued riding for another 90 minutes, when I decided to rest as I had not  slept for more than 24 hours. We took a break of 4 ½ hours at a petrol pump with the objective of  resuming to ride at dawn. I slept well on a bed at the petrol pump, before continuing to ride at the  break of dawn. It was extremely foggy and I continued riding in thick fog which lasted till about  9:30AM. Towards the late morning and afternoon, we continued riding in strong crosswinds while  riding through the plains of Davangere and Chitradurga before reaching Tumkur around 9 PM when  the winds died down. The route was mostly slightly uphill till Chitradurga. I continued riding till mid night when we reached Devanahalli near the Bengaluru International Airport. We had to take a  diversion in Bengaluru, as the Golden Quadrilateral stretch near Bengaluru is an access controlled  expressway on which bicycles and slow moving support cars were not allowed due to safety reasons.  The diversion turned out to be longer than the original planned route and was much slower as the road  was a narrow single lane road as compared to the broad 4-lane Golden Quadrilateral. Over all during  the day, I took five small breaks totaling 56 minutes, with the longest being 28 minutes.  

Day 3: 17th February, 2021: 

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 

End Point at midnight of 17th February, 2021: Tada, Tamil Nadu (1417 Kilometers marker) Distance covered: 445 kilometers 

Post the mid-night mark, I continued riding for another 100 minutes, when I decided to rest for the  night and take a longer break to sleep with the objective of resuming at dawn. We took a break of  about 4 hours and 15 minutes (in a village, where I slept outdoors but had to shift to sleep in the crew  car due to mosquitoes) and resumed riding at approx. 6 AM in the morning. I faced a small episode of  low blood pressure during my sleep and consumed extra electrolytes. 

We crossed Bengaluru city at about 7 AM, and then it was mostly downhill, from the Deccan plateau  towards the coastal plains of Chennai, for the next 200 kilometers. 

In the afternoon, near Vellore, it became very hot and I took my first afternoon break (1 ½ hours) and  slept for an hour or so inside the crew car. 

Post this break, we continued riding towards the next major town, Chennai. However as we  approached the coast, I had to face strong headwinds, slowing me down. We reached Chennai at  around 8 PM which was peak rush hour traffic time. I had developed a saddle sore sometime during  the day, and we stopped after crossing Chennai city for a 30 minute break when I applied some  ointment for my saddle sore. I continued riding past mid-night as the road was flat and the winds had  reduced a bit. Overall during the day, I took three breaks, one long and two small breaks (11 mins &  36 mins) 

Day 4: 18th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Tada, Tamil Nadu 

End Point at midnight of 18th February, 2021: Bapulapadu, Andhra Pradesh (1846 Kilometers marker) Distance covered: 429 kilometers 

I continued riding past mid-night as the road was flat and the winds had reduced. I took a small break  and decided to continue riding to take advantage of the conditions as I knew that my anti-clockwise  direction of the circum-navigation will have a lot of opposite wind conditions. However, around 3  AM I decided to break for sleep as my crew was feeling tired and sleepy. We made an unplanned  break, and my crew could only find a roadside ‘dhaba’ for me to sleep. I tried sleeping by the  roadside, however there were too many mosquitoes and it was very noisy due to traffic from the  highway. I moved inside a crew car and my crew allowed me to sleep for a longer time than usual, as  a result I resumed riding at 7 AM instead of my targeted 6 AM start the previous two days. However,  I was able to have a hearty breakfast before starting for the first time in 2 days. I continued to ride in hot and windy conditions and my saddle sore was still troubling me. I took two small breaks, but by  afternoon it was very hot. Considering the weather, we decided to change strategy and decided to  again take an afternoon rest break and compensate for this by reducing the duration of the night  breaks. I slept by a lake under a tree for a couple of hours. It was pleasant and silent as the chosen  spot was at a slight distance from the road. We resumed riding towards evening and I continued riding  past mid-night with just a small break in between. The developing saddle sore problem continued to 

trouble me on this day too and we did some changes to the bicycle saddle. Overall, during the day, I  took 6 breaks two longer breaks and 4 small breaks (27, 7, 10 and 12 mins) 

Day 5: 19th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Bapulapadu, Andhra Pradesh 

End Point at midnight of 19th February, 2021: Budumuru, Andhra Pradesh (2280 Kilometers marker) Distance covered: 434 kilometers 

As we had changed strategy of taking two sleep breaks in a 24 hour period, I continued riding past  mid-night until 3:30 AM, when we decided to stop. The crew had found a large petrol pump and the  staff allowed us to halt there. I slept on the bare ground of the pump, however, my crew had sourced a  mosquito net after the previous few night’s experience and I refused to sleep in a hotel bed as I was  paranoid about oversleeping. I slept for a couple of hours and we resumed riding at dawn. I took a  small break for coffee and breakfast before continuing to ride till afternoon. As we were closer to the  coast, it was becoming very windy and humid. Again in the afternoon, the crew found a mango  orchard with a hut which was very shady. I slept on the ground of the hut for a couple of hours and  resumed riding in extremely windy conditions till the city of Vishakhapatnam. We crossed the city of  Vishakhapatnam in peak evening traffic hours with traffic jams. After crossing the city, I continued to  ride till mid-night with a couple of breaks as the road conditions were excellent for the next 100  kilometers or so. Fortunately, the saddle change had worked and I was no longer as badly troubled by  the saddle. 

Overall, I took two longer breaks and four smaller breaks (8, 30, 9 & 7 minutes) 

Day 6: 20th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Budumuru, Andhra Pradesh 

End Point at midnight of 20th February, 2021: Panikoili, Odisha (2715 Kilometers marker) Distance covered: 435 kilometers 

Over the previous few nights, I had not slept well. Therefore, just after mid-night, I took a decision to  catch up on some sleep. I slept at a roadside dhaba under the mosquito net and got good sleep after a  massage. We made an early start to the day as I was worried about the cross winds and the sun later  on in the day. However, overcast conditions proved to be a boon and kept the temperature low. We  crossed the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in the peak traffic time at evening. Due to the  previous sleep break which was of better quality, I felt rejuvenated mentally. I did not take the  planned longer afternoon break on this day, I rode through the day with only three small breaks (20,  31 & 3 mins). I intended to ride through the night as well and not stop until we reached Kolkata.  

Day 7: 21st February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Panikoili, Odisha

End Point at midnight of 21st February, 2021: Burdwan, West Bengal (3152 Kilometers marker) Distance covered: 437 kilometers 

At this point, I encountered heavy truck traffic and bumper to bumper jams caused by traffic  diversions due to ongoing road expansion work. As I was wasting time in the traffic jam, I decided to  sleep and the crew found another roadside dhaba at mid-night. As we decided to sleep for a short  while, it was a much earlier start at about 2 AM, and therefore much colder than the previous days  when I woke up. I decided to ride non-stop till Kolkata. I continued to ride till morning and took a  small half an hour break at dawn, and continued to ride until afternoon when it became very hot. We  took a break so I could sleep and we could only find a roadside dhaba. I could not sleep well due to  the heat, humidity and the noise. I started again late afternoon after a crew change and rode past  Kolkata in the evening. I however realized that I was behind schedule as per my internal target, I  should have covered 3000 kilometers, the halfway mark, in 6 days, which I had missed by about half a  day. 

Fortunately, it was a weekend and traffic through the city was lighter than expected however traffic at  the toll booths was heavy. I continued to ride non-stop till mid-night as the road conditions had  improved after Kolkata.  

Overall, during this day, I took two long breaks and just one small break (37 minutes).  

Day 8: 22nd February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Burdwan, West Bengal 

End Point at midnight of 22nd February, 2021: Aurangabad, Bihar (3555 Kilometers marker) Distance covered: 403 kilometers 

I continued riding past mid-night till we reached Durgapur. I was tired and decided to take a break.  The crew found a quiet place by the roadside in a closed market. The lesser nose, a new sleeping mat  and the mosquito net helped me get good quality sleep. I started, refreshed, again in the morning and  continued riding till late afternoon when it became very hot. I continued to ride till midnight and the  road conditions again turned bad due to ongoing road expansion work.  

Overall on this day, I took two long breaks and three shorter breaks (31, 26 and 54 mins). 

Day 9: 23nd February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Aurangabad, Bihar 

End Point at midnight of 23nd February, 2021: Sauran, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh (3975 Kilometers  marker) 

Distance covered: 420 kilometers 

Past mid-night, I wanted to ride continuously till we reached Varanasi. However, poor road conditions  with lot of mud and silt on the road made the riding on a road bike very difficult. We decided to  therefore break and around 2 AM we stopped at a roadside hotel, my crew found a place for me to  sleep in the parking lot of the hotel. It was very cold when I woke up and we started again in the 

morning. Crossing the city of Varanasi and the Ganges was tedious due to heavier traffic. The road  conditions improved significantly and I continued riding till Prayagraj (previously Allahabad). In the  afternoon, it was again very hot and I stopped at a roadside petrol pump to sleep. I started again in the  evening and road conditions were good and the weather was pleasant and I wanted to ride till Kanpur. 

Overall, during this day, I took two long breaks and five small breaks (23, 7, 4, 4 & 18 mins) 

Day 10: 24th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Sauran, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh 

End Point at midnight of 24th February, 2021: Dautana, Uttar Pradesh (4406 kilometer marker) Distance covered: 431 kilometers 

Due to ongoing road construction work before Kanpur, however, the going was slower than expected  and after crossing Kanpur, we stopped at a roadside restaurant (fllor) to sleep. I slept for about 1 ½  hours and got up on my own. I started at dawn, with the realization that I was behind my internal  targeted schedule and I wanted to ride non-stop to Delhi and try and make up some lost time.  However, as it was hot in the afternoon, I took a break at noon to sleep. Crossing Agra, I continued to  ride through the night and wanted to ride till Delhi as planned earlier. 

Overall, during this day, I took 2 longer breaks and 4 smaller breaks (12,7,11 & 21 mins) 

Day 11: 25th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Dautana, Uttar Pradesh 

End Point at midnight of 25th February, 2021: Madhopura, Rajasthan (4837 kilometers) Distance covered: 431 kilometers 

I continued riding past mid-night until we reached Delhi early morning. I stopped here to eat ad do  some stretching and massages. This turned out costly as after crossing Delhi and Gurugram I headed  past Manesar and encountered a huge traffic jam (due to the farmers protests and some accident) that  was a few kilometers long and all traffic had come to a standstill. As I could have been separated from  the crew car and could not ride in that condition, I decided to rest at a wayside petrol pump. It was  difficult to sleep at around 8 AM in the morning and I lost around 4 hours. By the time I started it was  afternoon and hot. I continued riding and hit another roadblock due to the ongoing farmers protests.  As the carriageway was completely blocked, I had to walk and drag my bicycle through the adjoining  desert sand for about 4 minutes. I continued to ride till midnight with small breaks in between. 

Overall, during this day, I took 3 small breaks and 2 long breaks and I lost about 5-6 hours due to the  traffic jams and farmers protests.  

Day 12: 26th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours

Start Point: Madhopura, Rajasthan 

End Point at midnight of 26th February, 2021: Kagddar Bhatiya, Rajasthan (5244 kilometer marker) Distance covered: 407 kilometers 

Just past mid-night, I decided to rest and as I had spent the entire day in the hot sun in Rajasthan, my  crew got me a hotel room. It was crucial to rest well now. I had a good sleep in the hotel room. I  realized that now finishing the ride in 12 or 12 ½ days was not possible. I resumed riding after a 2 ½  hour break. It was really hot in Rajasthan and also hilly terrain between Jaipur and Udaipur. I  continued to ride till noon with small breaks in between. At noon, we stopped and the crew got me a  room in a wayside ‘Dharamshala. I took a bath for the first time in the ride and then slept here for  sometime. This turned out to be a mistake as it pushed my body into recovery mode and when I woke  up my muscles were all tight and sore. I resumed riding and it was pleasant in the evening and I  continued riding till midnight.  

Overall, during the day, I took two long breaks and three smaller breaks (27, 25 & 9 minutes).  

Day 13: 27th February, 2021:  

Total time: 24 hours 

Start Point: Kagddar Bhatiya, Rajasthan 

End Point at midnight of 27th February, 2021: Virwadi, Navsari, Gujarat (5713 kilometers) Distance covered: 469 kilometers 

I continued riding past mid-night. The road towards Ahmedabad was not very good. I was tired and  my shoulder and neck was hurting badly due to the road vibrations. We stopped for a longer break at  around 4 AM to massage my neck and shoulder and resumed riding early morning. We crossed  Ahmedabad and I continued riding with small breaks till we reached Baroda. I took a break at Baroda  and slept in a hotel room again. I was tired after the continuous riding and the hot sun in Rajasthan  and overcame my aversion to hotel rooms. I started again with the objective of reaching the end point  in Mumbai the next morning. The highway from this point onwards to Mumbai was super busy at all  times including the night. I continued riding till midnight. 

Overall, during this day I tok two longer breaks and seven smaller breaks (2, 30, 6, 32, 2, 5 & 10  mins). 

Day 14: 28th February, 2021:  

Total time: 13 hours 58 minutes 

Start Point: Virwadi, Navsari, Gujarat 

End of Ride: Vashi Toll Bridge, Navi Mumbai-Mumbai boundary: (5970.2 Kilometer marker) Distance covered: 256 kilometers 

I continued riding past mid-night with the objective of reaching Mumbai non-stop from this point  onwards. However, I was feeling tired and sleepy and took a break and slept in the crew car from an  hour or so by the roadside. With the rest, now I felt I could ride all the way to the end point. I reached  the outskirts of Mumbai before noon. The last few hours were difficult as it was hot, we were closer to 

the coast again making it humid and the dense traffic of Mumbai city made the going very tough and  slow.  

Overall during this day, I took two breaks, one long and one short break before ending the ride in the  late afternoon at Vashi Toll Bridge, Mumbai. 


Start at  Gateway*


Start at  Vashi*

Day  Date  Start Point  End Point Start  



End Point  Kms* Corrected  End Point Distance  Covered 

per day

Cumulative  Distance  


15th Feb, 2021 Vashi Toll Bridge, Navi Mumbai,  Maharashtra  Bagewadi, Karnataka  518  489  489  489
16th Feb, 2021  Bagewadi, Karnataka  Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka  489  1001  972  483  972
17th Feb, 2021  Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka  Tada, Tamil Nadu  972  1446  1417  445  1417
18th Feb, 2021  Tada, Tamil Nadu  Bapulapadu, Andhra Pradesh  1417  1875  1846  429  1846
19th Feb, 2021  Bapulapadu, Andhra Pradesh  Budumuru, Andhra Pradesh  1846  2309  2280  434  2280
20th Feb, 2021  Budumuru, Andhra Pradesh  Panikoili, Odisha  2280  2744  2715  435  2715
21st Feb, 2021  Panikoili, Odisha  Burdwan, West Bengal  2715  3181  3152  437  3152
22nd Feb, 2021  Burdwan, West Bengal  Aurangabad, Bihar  3152  3584  3555  403  3555
23rd Feb, 2021  Aurangabad, Bihar  Sauran, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh  3555  4004  3975  420  3975
10  24th Feb, 2021  Sauran, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh  Dautana, Uttar Pradesh  3975  4435  4406  431  4406
11  25th Feb, 2021  Dautana, Uttar Pradesh  Madhopura, Rajasthan  4406  4866  4837  431  4837
12  26th Feb, 2021  Madhopura, Rajasthan  Kagddar Bhatiya, Rajasthan  4837  5273  5244  407  5244
13  27th Feb, 2021  Kagddar Bhatiya, Rajasthan  Virwadi, Navsari, Gujarat  5244  5742  5713  469  5713
14  28th Feb, 2021  Virwadi, Navsari, Gujarat Vashi Toll Bridge, Navi Mumbai,  Maharashtra  5713  5999.2  5970.2  256  5970.2


Note: The two columns in green are considering the different start points, Gateway of India and Vashi Bridge. 

WUCA Waypoint  WUCA Waypoints  Mileage  Kilometer  Date  Time  Cumulative Time  Waypoint Description
#1  Start: Vashi Toll Bridge, Mumbai  15 February 2021  04:09:56  Vashi Toll Naka, Sion Panvel Highway, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
#2  Navi Mumbai  15 February 2021  04:28:00  Near Maruti Suzuki Showroom, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
#3  Pune  83  134  15 February 2021  09:40:00  Near Kothari Toyota Showroom, Bengaluru-Pune Highway, Pune
#4  Kolhapur  225  362  15 February 2021  18:35:55  14  Panchganga River Bridge, Bengaluru Pune Highway, Kolhapur
#5  Hubli  349  562  16 February 2021  07:04:00  26  Near Hubli Airport, Hubli Bypass, Bengaluru Pune Highway, Hubli
#6  Bengaluru  595  958  16 February 2021  23:19:58  43  Near Police station, Dodaballapur, Bengaluru
Additional  Bengaluru  643  1035  17 February 2021  06:46:56  50  Sarjapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka
#7  Krishnagiri  686  1104  17 February 2021  09:11:00  53  Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu
#8  Chennai  840  1352  17 February 2021  21:01:02  64  Paluvedu, Chennai Outer Ring Road, Chennai
#9  Nellore  949  1527  18 February 2021  08:13:00  76  Nellore Bypass, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
#10  Ongole  1026  1651  18 February 2021  13:27:00  81  Ongole Bypass, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh
#11  Eluru  1154  1857  18 February 2021  00:19:00  92  Near Eluru College, Eluru Bypass, Eluru
#12  Visakhapatnam  1352  2176  19 February 2021  18:46:00  110  Near Vizag Steel Plant Circle
#13  Cuttack  1641  2641  20 February 2021  20:37:12  136  Near BMW Showroom, NH5, Cuttack, 
#14  Kolkata  1896  3051  21 February 2021  19:55:00  159  NH16, Pakuria, Kolkata, West Bengal
#15  Kanpur  2504  4030  24 February 2021  03:04:00  214  Near Kanpur Airport, Kanpur
#16  Agra  2676  4307  24 February 2021  19:47:00  231  Kuberpur, NH19, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
#17  Delhi  2800  4506  25 February 2021  04:54:00  240  Gurgaon Faridabad Landfill, Gurgaon Faridabad Road, Delhi
Additional  Delhi  2805  4515  25 February 2021  05:46:48  241  Gurgaon Faridabad Highway Police Cowky, Delhi
#18  Jaipur  2952  4751  25 February 2021  20:39:00  256  Jamnapuri, Dlhi-Ajmer Expressway, Jaipur
#19  Udaipur  3205  5158  26 February 2021  20:04:39  279  Near Udaipur Airport, Udaipur, Rajasthan
#20  Ahmedabad  3367  5419  27 February 2021  10:07:00  293  Near Maruti Showroom, Kathwada, Ahmedabad
#21  Vadodara  3429  5518  27 February 2021  14:23:00  298  Near Vasad Toll Plaza NH8, Vasad, Gujarat
Additional  Vadodara  3447  5547  27 February 2021  15:28:11  299  Waghodia Chowk, Vadodara, Gujarat
#22  Vashi Toll Booth, Vashi, Navi Mumbai  3709.71  5970.2  28 February 2021  13:59:07  321  Vashi Toll Booth, Vashi, Navi Mumbai


Amit Samarth
Distance Miles  3709.71
Distance Kms  5970.2
Total Time (Hours)  321:49:00
Speed KMPH  18.54 kmph*
Speed MPH  11.52 mph*
Total On-saddle Time (Estimated)  239:14:00
Total Off-saddle Time (Estimated)  82:34:00


Table showing day wise On saddle and Off Saddle time.  

Date  Day  Off-Saddle  





Total  Kilometers/Day
15-Feb-21  Day 1  00:40:49  19:09:11  19:50:00  489
16-Feb-21  Day 2  05:28:22  18:31:38  24:00:00  483
17-Feb-21  Day 3  06:42:27  17:17:33  24:00:00  445
18-Feb-21  Day 4  07:52:53  16:07:07  24:00:00  429
19-Feb-21  Day 5  06:14:19  17:45:41  24:00:00  434
20-Feb-21  Day 6  05:19:34  18:40:26  24:00:00  435
21-Feb-21  Day 7  06:04:32  17:55:28  24:00:00  437
22-Feb-21  Day 8  07:11:23  16:48:37  24:00:00  403
23-Feb-21  Day 9  06:50:43  17:09:17  24:00:00  420
24-Feb-21  Day 10  07:30:27  16:29:33  24:00:00  431
25-Feb-21  Day 11  06:59:11  17:00:49  24:00:00  431
26-Feb-21  Day 12  06:32:05  17:27:55  24:00:00  407
27-Feb-21  Day 13  05:32:14  18:27:46  24:00:00  469
28-Feb-21  Day 14  03:35:28  10:23:32  13:59:00  257.2 (440)
Total  82:34:27  239:14:33  321:49:00  5970.2
Min  00:40:49  10:23:32  257.2
Max  07:52:53  19:09:11  489
Average  05:53:53  17:05:19  426.4


Route: The complete route taken can be viewed in detail using the below hyperlink.