Congratulations to the team of:  Hannah Spence, Paolina Allan, Paul Millar, and Andy Dickison for their new 4-person mixed team WUCA World Record on 2021-09-12


Officials Summary:

SEPTEMBER 11 TO 12, 2021
Race preparation started early on the morning of September 11 in Windsor, Ontario directly
across the river from Detroit Michigan. Looking across the river at our American neighbours
brought memories of September 11 twenty years ago – it was a bit surreal.
The crew bustled to get the 3 vehicles and 4 bikes ready for the race. Jenn Davies and Dale
Yurka did the inspections and signed off on the Pre-Attempt Checklist. The 5 forms are attached
as well as photos of the vehicles and bicycles.
Hannah Spence started off the Race promptly at 1200 hrs from Windsor City Hall in brilliant
September sunshine. She and Paolina Allan did the first set of exchanges before Paul Millar and
Andy Dickison took over giving Hannah and Paolina a chance to rest. The pairs did shifts of 90-
100 km.
Also attached are the 4 pages of the Official’s Log Sheet completed by the 2 officials. The total
distance on the logs is 783.8 km but we added on 3.4 km (for a total of 787.2 km) as there was a
short period of time when the official follow vehicle was replaced by one of the other vehicles
(with proper flashers and one of the officials) and because of a unanticipated detour, added 3.4
km to the total. The discrepancy is noted at the top of page 3 of the log.
During the race there were 4 unanticipated detours required where the road was closed for
repairs or an event. The crew chief redirected the riders around the detour and got them back
on track in the most efficient way possible.
Most of the crew had crewed before. Some were on the Race Across Ontario West to East last
year. Others have crewed on RAAM. Hannah and Paolina had done the Race Across Ontario
last year and Hannah, Paul and Andy have all done RAAM. As a result, crew and riders were
well aware of the need to stay safe and to follow the rules. No penalties were assessed.
Jenn and Dale exchanged officiating duties approximately every 6 hours giving us a chance to
sleep in the follow vehicle.
The 4 riders finished the ride together starting at 09:40 hrs on September 12 on the Ottawa
River Parkway. They hit the gates of Parliament at 10:00 hrs exactly, just as the clock tower
struck 10.
The riders made the event a fundraiser for Moorelands Camp for vulnerable kids in honour of a
a dear friend of Paul and Andy’s who was killed in November while cycling.  A total of $14,655
was raised for the charity.
We look forward to receipt of the record certification.

Rider Sumaries:


Rider’s Narrative Summary: Paul Millar

Sept 11, 2021. Time: 12 Noon.

4 – Paul Millar, Andy Dickison, Paolina Allan, Hannah Spence

Cross-Province, Ontario, Canada – Windsor to Ottawa

Windsor City Hall.

Sunny and warm with a SW west

see below answer

Aquila TT bike

Mostly fluids like water with Heed. Recoverite during rest period. Small bites, like bars, fruit and snacks.

see below answer

The late night into dawn!

The camaraderie throughout. This was a team effort!

a turtle crossing!

Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.

10am Sunday Sept 12, 2021

The purpose of the ride was for a charity to honour a fellow rider, John Offutt,

that was tragically killed while riding in Toronto in late 2020. John was an American that lived and loved Ontario.

He particularly loved the wilderness. A race across the Province that he loved seemed very fitting.

Paul Millar


Rider’s Narrative Summary: Hannah Spence

Cross Province – Cross Ontario, West to East

4- Hannah Spence, Paolina Allan, Andy Dickison, Paul Millar

City Hall, Windsor, Ontario

Sunny, warm app 28 degrees and a lovely SW wind

For the personal challenge and to honour a lost friend.

Nothing special, TT bike with zipp race wheels

not enough! Nothing special – whole foods, some junk and fast food.

having confidence in the best crew and strongest teammates

around 4-5am – I was bonking, hasn’t slept yet and in some discomfort. It passed!

see below

Parliament Hill, Ottawa Ontario

September 12, 2021 10am sharp

September 11, 2021, 12pm sharp

Unusual thing:

1) We started the race off to the 12pm chimes of the City Hall clock in Windsor and we finished to the

10am chimes of Parliament Hill. We could not have timed it more perfectly.

2) we had a strong SW wind the entire way

3) none of us had any flats

Hannah Spence


Rider’s Narrative Summary: Paolina Allan

Cross Province – Cross Ontario, West to East

Paolina Allan, Hannah Spence, Andy Dickison, Paul Millar

September 11th 2021 12:00 pm

City Hall, Windsor Ontario

Blowing a hoolie non stop from West to East. Humid and warm

Why we rode:

Riding in honor of John Offutt, a purpose to raise funds to send kids to Camp

see below

P3 Antique TT bike 2004 frame/ Zipp 454 wheels/ 28/11

What I ate:

Water, potatoes, nutella on white buns, 3 coffees and one Egg Muffin and Hash brown! OOh some chocolate!

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The crew, the team…the effortless work that they all put in.

Anything unusal happen?

Nope just felt my heart grow more for those around me, love these situations as words are not often used, we learn to read the body language of each rider.

Going Easy on the bike, always rode to hard..

see below

Parliament Hill Ottawa

September 12, 2021 10am

Paolina Allan

Rider’s Narrative Summary- Andy Dickison

Record Attempt: Race Across Ontario from West to East(Windsor to Ottawa, Ontario)

Name of rider’s: Hannah Spence, Paolina Allan, Paul Millar, and Andy Dickison

Start date and exact time: City Hall main entrance at Windsor, Ontario on September 11 at noon

What were conditions like: Sunny and 27C

Why did you want to do a record? In memory of our friend John Offut who was killed on

November 20, 2020 in a tragic cycling accident. We raised money for a charity that John was

actively involved in for years.

What equipment did you use? We all rode TT bikes with no special equipment. I rode a Scott

Plasma TT bike with a ZIPP disc rear wheel and a Zipp 404 front wheel.

What did I eat and drink? I consumed 13 gels, 2 bottles of electrolyte, 1 bottle of recovery drink,

10 water bottles, a chicken burger(McDonald’s), 1.5 large fries, and a

What was the best part? I would say watching the crew and other riders 100% commit to

completing the event as quickly as possible.

What was the hardest part? For me personally it was hitting a road closure and having to cycle

extra distance through very hilly terrain at nightime. The whole time I was thinking I was letting

the team down because I had to slow down while we renavigated on the fly.

Did anything unusual happen? I had to stop on my first interval to allow a turtle to cross the

road. It would not sprint even though I strongly encourage it.

Exact finish location described so that someone else could find the same spot. The main gate

entrance to Parliament on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario.