Congratulations to Pawel Milowski for completing his 24-hour road attempt.

Here are his statistics when compared to the currently WUCA and GWR records set by Chirstoph Strasser.

Even though Pawel did not set any records, he still stands with a very small group of world-wide ultracyclists (perhaps 100 or less) who have been able to ride over 500 miles in 24 hours

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles) Existing records male. 18-49, standard bike new record
100 Kilometer road 02:32:11.10 39.43 24.50 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 2:21:14 no
200 Kilometer road 05:09:47.28 38.74 24.07 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 4;25:27 no
300 Kilometer road 07:54:54.10 37.90 23.55 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 6:38:57 no
500 Kilometer road 14:05:13.30 35.49 22.05 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 11:16:05 no
Distance Event Miles Time Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) Existing records male. 18-49, standard bike new record
100 Mile road 04:07:33.96 24.24 39.00 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 3:32:57 no
200 Mile road 08:39:45.64 23.09 37.16 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 07:08:44 no
300 Mile road 13:34:00.29 22.11 35.59 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 10:52:37 no
500 Mile road 18:55:43.16 26.41 42.51 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 18:20:26 no
Timed Event Miles Kilometers Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) Existing records male. 18-49, standard bike new record
6 Hour road 143.645 231.173 23.94 38.53 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 168.30 miles no
12 Hour road 269.649 433.958 22.47 36.16 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 330.71 miles no
24 Hour road 511.166 822.642 21.31 34.30 Christoph Strasser – 2021-07-16 – 637.66 miles no

My 24h ride summary.


I started the attempt on 11th September 2021 in small city called Lukowice Brzeskie 150km from my hometown.

Due to accident that i had 2 months earlier during Race around Poland i had to postpone my attempt from August to September.

The weather forecast were not good but the closer it got to 11th September the better weather got.

I started on 13:19 from the northern roundabout. The sun was shining ,the weather was perfect,not a single cloud on the sky.

The loop was almost 38km so my initial plan was to do one lap every hour.

Even tho on map the route looked flat there were few uphills/

First few hours went very smooth,first problems started around lap 8th.

My stomach didnt want to work with me,but after few vommits i started to feel better and could continue.

I was mostly using energy gels and izotonic drinks,aiming for 70g carbs and 500ml fluids per hour.

Night went by very peacefully and weather was great,there was some thunderstorms on horizon but never came close to us.

In the morning because of accident on highway the traffic was directed to my route but there was never any issue for me because of large shoulder.

My aero suit and aero helmet started to give me pains so i changed my clothes to less aero but more comfortable ones,refuelled and started last part of my ride.

Weather was great,sun was shining and at 13:19 around 823 km in i finished my ride.

I learned a lot ,many things that comes with experience and cant be planned.