Mei, Biasiolo, Baloh, Furlan – 4x team 100 Km Outdoor Track Record- 2025-05-25

Congratulations to Anna Mei, Fabio Biasiolo, Marko Baloh, and Angelo Furlan for setting the 100 Km record for the 4x mixed team, 50-59, upright bike on an outdoor velodrome. This was meant to be a 12-hour attempt and would have set all the embedded records as well – but it unfortunately started raining and became dangerous to continue. I am sure the team will be back for the unfinished business!

This is also a New Guinness World Record!

Team Information

Team Name: 12h Dream Team

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Anna Mei 56 Ravenna Italy Standard
Fabio Biasiolo 63 Mira (Venezia) Italy Standard
Marko Baloh 56 Ljubljana Slovenia Standard
Angelo Furlan 46 Altavilla Vicentina ( VI) Italy Standard
Team Age Group: Mixed 50-59
Team Category: 4x Relay

Record Information

Record Type: Timed
Record Timed:
Record Category: 4x Relay
Record Start Date: 2024-05-25
Record End Date: 2024-05-25

Record Statistics

Distance (km): 100
Speed (miles/hour): 24.66
Speed (km/hour): 39.68

Extra Information

Officials: Irma Baloh, Roberto Bozzi
Crew: Dalla Valle Roberto, Nicola Argesi
Notes: Wonderful new record for an outdoor velodrome - too bad rain halted the full 12-hour attempt
Report: report