Congratulations to Anna Mei, Fabio Biasiolo, Marko Baloh, and Angelo Furlan for setting the 100 Km record for the 4x mixed team, 50-59, upright bike on an outdoor velodrome. This was meant to be a 12-hour attempt and would have set all the embedded records as well – but it unfortunately started raining and became dangerous to continue. I am sure the team will be back for the unfinished business!

This is also a New Guinness World Record!

On May 25, 2024, Anna Mei’s Dream Team, consisting of Anna Mei, Marco Baloh, Fabio Biasiolo, and Angelo Furlan,
gathered at the Mercante Velodrome in Bassano del Grappa to attempt a record aimed at raising public awareness about
epidermolysis bullosa, a condition affecting butterfly children.
The team started at 6:20 AM under a strong wind. first 3 hours were really ok but just after 3 hours of racing,
heavy rain began, forcing the team to suspend the event.
However, during the first 2.5 hours, the team managed to set the 100 km record.
After an additional 3 hours of rain, they decided to call off the event entirely.