Jonas Bohr – 100 km Road Record – Oct 1, 2022

Congratulations to Jonas Bohr for his new WUCA Road World Record on 2022-10-01

Jonas’ 2:10:40 beat the the existing time in the 50-59 age record of Marko Baloh of 2:28:03 as well as the “overall” record help by Christoph Strasser of 2:12:14 in the 18-49 age category: This earns Jonas another GWR!

Rider Information

Rider Name: Jonas Bohr
Age: 55
Age Group: Men 50-59
Rider Hometown: Sollentuna
Rider Country: Sweden
Rider Website: Link

Record Information

Record Type: Distance
Record Distance: 100 km Road
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2022-10-01
Record End Date: 2022-10-01

Record Statistics

Distance (km): 100
Time (days:hours:minutes:seconds): 00:02:10:42
Speed (miles/hour): 28.53
Speed (km/hour): 45.92

Extra Information

Officials: Peter Hugod, Kajsa Bohr
Crew: Peter Hugod, Pär Edgren, Kajsa Bohr
Notes: Amazing speed - Jonas not only broke the 50-59 record but the overall, proving age is only a number!
Report: report