Congratulations to Jonas Bohr for his new WUCA World Record  on Oct 1, 2022

Jonas beat the the existing time in the 50-59 age record of Marko Baloh of 2:28:03 as well as the “overall” record help by Christoph Strasser of 2:12:14 in the 18-19 age category: This earns Jonas another GWR!

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles) Existing records 5olo, 50-59 – Male – Standard bike new record
100 Km Road 02:10:40.12 45.92 28.53 50-59: Marko Baloh – 2020-07-05 = 2:28:03 — overalll: Christoph Strasser – 2022-07-16 = 2:12:14 yes and overall

Jonas Bohr ride report WUCA WR 100 k open road 1/10 2022 Värnamo – Skillingaryd loop

The day for the attempt was a Saturday with gloomy and quite windy chilly autumn weather in Värnamo in the southern part of Sweden. Around 10 degrees Celsius and high risk for rain in the forecast. So far from ideal conditions but everything was set for this date and we had travelled from Stockholm over 400 k so just to dig in and do the best of it.

I started 14.30 according to plan I was riding up north from Värnamo a 25 k stretch to turning point in a roundabout in Skillingaryd. There was a good tailwind from south around 5 m/s in the prognosis and 10 m/s in the gusts, so I had to go very fast the first quarter in my plan to get an advantage for the upcoming headwind. I rode with 315 watts to the first turn felt reasonably good but was a little bit stressed over the pace 46,7 kph as not enough going back down to Värnamo again.

There is a somewhat tricky turnaround with a turn followed by a roundabout, so I dropped down to 46,4 after that. But then I noticed 5 k later I was still at 46,4 and my mood was aroused. The head / sidewind is seemingly not slowing my down. The course has about 60 meters of higher elevation up north it is very flat but leaning somewhat uphill all the way north and this combination seems to make the perfect even speed in both directions this day with uphill tail and downhill headwind going back. I was very thrilled after 40 k at 46,5 kph but just then the sky opened at it was a massive rainshower for 5-10 minutes temperature down even more and I was soaking wet. Still very positive about the performance halfway through and turned around in the roundabout in Värnamo after 50,7 k with for me a clear pb for this distance 46,5 kph and 310 w. Time 1.05 well well ahead of my most optimistic expectations. Especially in these conditions. I was hoping for + 44 speed and in a best scenario 45 but most likely no chance of challenging ultra-cyclist legend Cristhope Strasser’s time of 2.12 minutes 45,3 kph from last year when he broke all existing records from 100 k up to 24 hrs in an almost unbelievable effort with 1020 kilometres in 24 h.

For sure I have no near Strasser’s ultra capacity of going that long so extremely fast (probably no one else has either..) I am also soon turning 56.. But now after half the distance I was well ahead of the first 100 k mark and that really fired me off. What didn’t fire me off was the cold weather and now on the way going back north again I had some trouble holding my bodyheat and energy soaking wet in TT suit 10 c and going almost 50 k speed. My pulse dropped somewhat before and around the last turnaround in Skillingaryd but I was still at 46 average and could now see the end mentally. I tucked down in the headwind home and managed to push a little bit harder the last 15 k to hold the same speed and with enormous joy I could hold the speed to pass the 100-k mark at approx 2.10.30 and 46.0 speed. I came in after two full laps 101.49 k in 2.12.34 official course survey measured a few meters less so it might be 45,9 in official speed but I am out of this world satisfied and pleased with this. For me this was almost an outlier result. I have never been riding so long near this speed my former pb for 100 k was 44,3 kph and be able to pull this off now on a record attempt that I have been working so hard for in these very tough conditions makes me both proud and happy.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the crew my love of my life and wife Kajsa Bohr Peter Hugod and Pär Edgren as officials, driving the following car commentating with deep insights and very funny for fb live broadcast and as timekeepers. We were also astound and oh so grateful for all the help from Värnamo Cycling club who rode with 2 cars in front and warning other traffic keeping the road safe and clear for me all the way. A big thumbs up for all you guys.

Last summer July 10 th  I set 3 WUCA records in the category outdoor track for 100 k 100 miles and 200 k and to be able to outperform that speed quite dramatically now I year older was really something special to me. Sometimes I use the quote “Its never too late” And I guess its almost never is?


Av pulse 145 max pulse 150 (165 100%)

Av watt 304

Cadence 89 average

Weight 71 k height 178 cm

Energy consumption 200 g carbs 1 liter sportsdrink one gel 2 doses of pre comp formula, caffeine amino acids electrolytes nitrate etc.

Bike Specialized Shiv TT 2022 Ultegra DI 2 12 speed singlespeed chainring 56 Wheels RAR Magnum Disc back 90 mm front. Tires Continental 25 TT TDF tubeless setup

TT suit Nopinz FLOW Nopinz shoecovers and long tights for the chilly weather

Helmet Kask Bambino Pro Evo

All the best ride hard and safe? Jonas Bohr