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Index of Rider Narratives

Highest Mileage

2016, Steven Abraham, HAMR Month

City-to-city (point-to-point)

2000, Chris Boone, Blue Ridge Parkway (south-north), record
2007, Darby,Watts, Darby, Dye, Blue Ridge Parkway (south-north), 4x mens team, record

Cross-country records

2011, Fabricius, Denmark (west-east) record
2012, Eddlemon, Panama (south-north-south) records
2012, Zamboni, Italy (west-east) record
2012, Larsen, Denmark (east-west-east, east-west) records
2012, Baurer, Austria (west-east) record
2012, Geoghegan, Italy (north-south, north-south-north, south-north ) record
2012, Krause, Denmark (north-south) record
2013, Paolo Aste, Italy (north-south, south-north, north-south-north) record
2014, Fasching, Russia (east-west) record
2014, Krause, Germany (west-east) record

Cross-state records

2005, Florence Bradley, Alabama (west-east) record
2006, Josh Beck, Alabama (east-west) record
2007, Wendell and Benjamin Hyink, Michigan (east-west) record
2007, John Fuoco, Pennsylvania (west-east) record
2008, Wendell J. Hyink, Michigan (north-south) record
2009, Alan Duhm, Florida (east-west) record
2009, Dan Fallon, Illinois (west-east) record
2009, Dan Fallon, Indiana (west-east) record
2009, Wendell, J. Hyink, Pennsylvania (south-north) record
2010, Cathy Cramer, Oklahoma (west-east) record
2010, Gerry Eddlemon, Maryland (south-north) record
2011, Wendell J. Hyink, Indiana (west-east) record
2011, Bobby Leong, New York (east-west) record
2011, Austin Davis, Thomas Riech, Joseph Whitney, Josh Whitney, Iowa (west-east) record
2011, Grabol, Florida (west-east) record
2011, Carrell, Nebraska (south-north) record
2011, Gerry Eddlemon, Hawaii (west-east-west) records
2011, Fabricus, Denmark (west-east) record
2011, Hunter, Ohio (west-east) record
2012, Carrel, Oklahoma (south-north) record
2012, Rose, Kentucky (south-north) record
2012, Zamboni, Florida (west-east) record
2012, Gerry Eddlemon, Panama (south-north-south) record
2012, Harthorn, Missouri (west-east) record
2012, Gerry Eddlemon, Alaska (north-south) record
2013, Tooke, Texas (north-south) record
2013, Lisa Marie Dougherty, New Mexico (west-east) record
2014, Valerio Zamboni, Florida (east-west) record
2014, Anthony Parsells, Florida (north-south) record
2014, John Foote and Larry Graham, Ohio (west-east) record
2014, Terri Anderson, Alabama (west-east) record

Road records

2011, Sandy Earl, 12- and 24-hour road records
2011, Dan McGehee, 100 mile road record
2011, Francisco Javier Vacas Rodriguez, 1000km record
2012, Marko Baloh, 100 mile road record

Track records

2007, Gerry Eddlemon, 100 mile, 200-mile and 12-hour outdoor track records
2011, Anna Mei, 12- and 24-hour track records
2011, Michael Secrest, 100 mile indoor track record
2012, Seana Hogan, 12- and 24-hour track records, 100- and 200-mile records
2012, Windhorst, 100 mile outdoor track record
2012, Shafer, 100 mile outdoor track record
2013, Anderson, 12- and 24-hour outdoor track records