Congratulations to Patricia McGinley who set the Ireland S-N Female 50-59 age-group record on a standard bike. (Also popularly known as Misen Head to Malin Head) This is also a GWR for Ireland (non-age group record)

Riders Narrative Summary

Mizen Head Visitors Centre County Cork to Malin Head County Donegal Ireland

Patricia Mcginley

Start date was 07/30/2022 with a start time of 12:00am

On Start line at visitors Centre in Mizen Head Cork Ireland

Conditions on the day of the 07/30/2022 were horrendous with a heavy consistent rain and mist and foggy like conditions to start

Fog and mist lifted about 30k into ride but rain continued of all of of 07/30/2022 and did not stop until 6:00am the following morning

I wanted to do this record as it would be my longest event ride to date and to push myself further forward in Ultra cycling to find out how the mind and body would handle this distance

I had no special equipment everything was very ordinary

My dietary plan was very basic as I am a plan eater I use a card mix drink by Storm Sports and took essential Max EAA Drink, I had 2 boiled eggs 2 toast for breakfast and oats as a pre food ride just before I started. My on bike food was also homemade protein balls with cliffs bar Snacks plus Bananas. I stopped in Enniskillen about 8:am on the morning of the 31st for a bacon sandwich and coffee, I also had homemade smoothie made with fruit oats and almond milk.

The best part for me was the first 300k I was so excited to be riding this icon route in Ireland and hoping above all I would finish and set a world ultra cycling record heading back up the country to my home county of Donegal, that was another highlight for me when I had reached Enniskillen and seen my first signpost for Donegal I knew the finish line was within reach.

But that’s were it got very tough for me I was totally drained and my body temperature very low due to continues rain the previous day and night but thank God it dried and sun was shinning for last 50k but with a slight cold north wind.

Nothing major happening in event that would causes me not to carry on with ride and the support I received from passer bys was just amazing, I actually had Joe Barr cycle to meet me to cheer me on and encouraged me to finish race

I finished the ride at the viewing point in Malin Head Donegal at 18:36 on the 07/31/2022

Patricia McGinley