Congratulations to Joe Barr for setting 2 new records for Ireland in the following category: Solo, Male, 60-69 age group, standard bike on Oct 10-11, 2020

West-East-West Ireland records

Rider : Joe Barr

Start date / time : 12.00noon on Oct -10th -2020

Weather conditions: Dry with strong winds / tail and cross wind East to West / headwind for most of the East -West leg. Some rain both directions but not very bad.

Start / Turnaround / Finish locations:
Start was at Slay head or sometimes known as Garruan point , the turnaround is at the gate to Wicklow Lighthouse and the finish is back at the start location in Slay Head.

The reason for the record:
It was the last of three records available in Ireland , the circumnavigation I have the Irish record at 104hours, N-S-N / N-S /S-N records and E-W record, now I have the W-E and the W-E-W as I failed to improve the E-W figure I already had. First time in history its every been done and all held by same person at same time.

We had several bikes available:
However I raced a Spiegal Diablo with Campagnolo SuperRecord Titanium, Xentis Mark3 carbon 5 spoke wheels, Rim brake, Aero Chainset, Tyres – Vittoria CX EVO Pro series / Kevlar 320TPi , Sella Italia Kit Carbon saddle, Dedda bars stem and TT clipons

Fluid mix was BRL Trifuel Lemon / Lime and Wild Berry.
Solid food was – homemade date squares, homemade pear and walnut cake, Oatmeal, Cliff bars, Brown bread ham sandwiches with lots of butter, Enervit Liquid Gel, Snickers , Coke.

The best part of the race:
I have a brand new crew so we are starting a new chapter in my endurance journey, its have new energy and ideas so it was fun to have them do the race with me, I got reenergised by them so we all had a great race.

The most difficult part of the race:
The head wind on the E -W leg, also the section of over 200miles of climbing…

Did anything unusual happen:
Yes, I made a navigational error in a town called Thomastown, lost the crew and rode 15mins off course. Eventually I was directed back on course by a little old lady who came out of her home to wave as I passed – “she shouted go that way, keep going you are doing fantastic” !

Exact finish Location – time:
The car park on the left in the one-way system at Slay head / Wild Atlantic way sign post.

Exact Finish time:
28hrs 24mins and 4.95secs