I started the race early morning, August 31, 2017, at exactly 4:20 AM.

The start location was Highway 6/50, at the Colorado border with Utah. Approximately 30 miles west of Grand Junction, Colorado

Other than darkness, the conditions were perfect. I believe upper 60s for temperature and clear skies.

I attempted to break the overall record for this race for two reasons. Number one, as a fundraiser for a veterans charity called Paws For Purple Hearts. And secondly, to test myself and push myself to some limits. I felt like the overall record was doable but I came up just a little short.

With regard to equipment, nothing special. Two bicycles. One was my regular road bike and the other was a time trial bike that I could get in the aero position with. I rode the road bike to the top of Monarch Pass and the time trial bike the rest of the way.

I have a blood disorder called hypoglycemia so I have to be extremely careful what I eat and drink. I had my regular powder hydration water bottles to drink and basically I lived on fruit and Cliff bars for 33 hours! I had a couple small tuna wraps and my big indulgence was a fish fillet from McDonald’s in Gunnison!

The best part of the race for me was after Monarch Pass and to Canon City. That entire length this downhill and I had perfect weather and no headwind. I had a great stretch through the dark!

The hardest part was about a 50 mile stretch after I went through Fowler, Colorado. It started to warm up, I started to get sleepy and I developed a few stomach issues. But I pushed through it and felt much better toward the end.

The only unusual thing that happened was in road construction around Blue Mesa reservoir. I thought a construction worker had signaled me to proceed through a construction zone but apparently that was not the case. They made me stop, turn around and go to the very back of the line of cars that were stopped. Probably cost me about 15 minutes. Otherwise, a very uneventful race, which was a blessing!

The exact finish location was the Colorado Kansas border on Highway 50.

And the finish time was 1:23 PM, on September 1, 2017.

Race time was 33 hours, 3 minutes. Less than an hour from the all-time record. Darn!

Thanks, WUCA, for a fantastic experience!

Jerry Schemmel
Littleton, CO