Congratulations to Josef Aigner for smashing the existing Male HMMR drafting allowed record.

Credit for 1st 4 photos goes to Dhan Limwattana


Here is Josey’s ride report:

A few years ago I discovered my passion for road cycling. I have continuously increased my mileage and my racing bike has become my daily companion. Last year in August I got to know Xandi Meixner when she was attempting the HMMR world record in Hollenburg as a „stormshadow“ driver, and that’s when Xandi discovered my potential. This was the cornerstone for joint sports activities as well as our friendship.

The days before the start were marked by inner restlessness and tension. A multitude of questions went through my head: “Can I do it?”, “Do I have enough energy?”, “What does Xandi expect from me?”, “Why am I doing this?“.

Finally, on Saturday at midnight, we started to set a new world record for the next 7 days or 168 hours.

Many hours where countless thoughts goes through your head again. You ride and ride, kilometer after kilometer. Sun, wind, rain, we had everything this week. The rainy weather and soaking wet street, combined with the associated cold, bothered me the most. Then the day came when the Achilles tendon developed an inflammation and swelling, causing me severe pain that forced me to take an unwanted break. Pain combined with anger, sadness and the fear of failure triggered emotional chaos in me. The whole team did everything they could, so that I could continue. This, as well as the encouragement from family, friends and the „stormshadow“ riders, motivated us enormously and helped us not to give up and keep cycling towards our goal. So I was able to start again on the next day. It was still possible to set a new record at this point, but our goal of 4000 km was no longer achievable. Nevertheless, I was able to match the existing record for the men on Thursday. I can not describe my feelings as I realized that I broke a world record! Happy and motivated we continued together with Xandi. Xandi, I and our „stormshadow“ riders literally gave their best and more on the last day. Breaks were reduced to a minimum, the average driving speed was increased.

So it was possible that after almost 7 days with 3502 kilometers I set a new and significantly expanded the previous record.

Thanks to the many supporters, especially the entire team around Xandi Meixner and the many friends along the way who made the impossible possible, for which I am very grateful to everyone involved.

It is also worth mentioning that all visitors were willing to donate. During the entire week, the donation box set up was filled with lots for the “Herzkinder” campaign, which brings joy to children with severe heartdiseases.