Congratulations to Xandi Meixner for smashing her existing Female HWMR drafting allowed record.

Credit for 1st 4 photos goes to Dhan Limwattana


Here is Xandi’s ride report:

It’s finally here – my writer’s block is over and I’m finally able to find the words.

After a nice bike ride with Walter, I lie on the terrace after the sauna, look up at the starry sky and listen to the sounds of the forest at night. I think of the world record week and a wave of happiness washes over me so violently that tears well up in my eyes.

It’s been more than a week since I got off my bike with a new world record – overjoyed in the company of countless dear people. Together with my training buddy and friend Josi, neither of whom have yet grasped what we have achieved. Both, he and I improved the world records for men and over-all women by several hundred kilometers.

A dear patient asked me yesterday “if you had to describe this HWMR and the whole week in 3 words – what would they be”. At the moment I had to laugh because I thought it wasn’t possible. But then there were the words “indescribable, other world“.

And that’s it in the truest sense of the words.

I could tell you a lot now: about the two and a half days of rain and another 2 days of strong wind, which we heroically mastered thanks to our „storm shadow heroes“. About my still numb toes and fingers, the lack of sleep and the aching, sore seat. Of all the adverse circumstances that, just barely, made it impossible for me to cycle the targeted 4000km – last but not least that Friday the 13th really played a trick on me, as storm and thunderstorms made me pause for more than 2 hours and then I forgot for half a lap had to start the watch after we did swap it as the battery didn’t last all day. This accumulation of „missing kilometers“ were the main reason why we saw an hour and a half before midnight that the 4000km would not be able to reach anymore. All of these are perhaps interesting facts and are part of the description of the week. But not to the “indescribably different world”. This indescribable other world is filled with the cohesion between the crew, the „storm shadow heroes“ and all the dear supporters of Josy and me – and the „Herzkinder“ (children with severe heartdisease). This other world is defined by a common goal of everyone involved – to collect enough kilometers and euros to make both a record. This indescribably different world is filled with renunciation, happiness, passion, encounters, many individual goals and achievements, mutual respect, friendship and helpfulness, true family and family without blood. It is a beautiful, different world in which the common good is placed above one’s own state of mind – storm shadow heroes are available in wind and weather at any possible or impossible time of the day or night, loved ones give up their comfort and sleep to help and all their own needs are left behind. And even the usually hyper-exhausting diva athlete (that´s me ;-)) has understood that friendship and solidarity are more important than all the kilometers cycled in the world.

In my thoughts I am still in this indescribable other world, I will always carry it gratefully, humbly and reverently in my heart and say THANK YOU for YOUR support, solidarity and friendship!