Congratulation to Peter Horton & Matthew Bottrill for setting 4 new indoor track marks in the male 50-59 age group on a standard bike. ** These are also new Guinness World Records **

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles) Existing records : 2x Male, 50-59 Standard new record
100 Km Indoor Velodrome 02:12:29.27 45.29 28.14 none for 100 Km yes
200 Km Indoor Velodrome 04:25:44.62 45.16 28.06 none for 200 Km yes
Distance Event Miles Time Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) Existing records : 2x Male, 50-59 Standard new record
100 Mile Indoor Velodrome 03:33:34.91 28.09 45.21 none for 100 Mile yes
Timed Event Miles Kilometers Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) Existing records : 2x Male, 50-59 Standard new record
6 Hour Indoor Velodrome 168.476 271.136 28.08 45.19 none for 6 Hour yes

Riders Narrative

Record attempt- 2 man inside track 100km, 200km,100 miles and 6-hour distance records.

Riders names: Matthew Bottrill and Peter Horton

Start date and time: 18 March 2023 – 11:35 am

Start location: Newport Velodrome around the track completing 20mins turns until the final hour doing 15min turns.

Conditions: Track centre 70 f

Why did we do it: To break the records and try to ride at a combined speed of 28mph plus. Most importantly we raised over £2000 for the charity cyclists fighting cancer which is a charity which gives adapted bikes and trikes to children suffering with cancer and since 2005 they have given over 8,000 bikes and trikes.

Parts used: Matt: Giant trinity Cadex wheels, Drag2zero bars , endura encapsulater suit.

Peter: Dolan frame, endura encapsulator suit, wattshop bars, waxed chain.

Eat and drink: Matt: High energy drinks from secrets training big energy. I also had a flapjack, 4 gels and a ham and cheese wrap at half way

Peter: Maurten energy drinks clif bars and OTE hydro tabs.

Best part: Matt: Riding with my coached athlete and smashing the records

Peter: Riding as a team with Matt plus getting quicker as the day progressed due to better pacing and line.

Hardest part: Matt: Riding around the track lap after lap it’s quite hard mentally. At 3hrs 30 mins I went through a bit of a ruff spot

Peter: Pacing as in initially thinking I had gone off too hard and would tire however found out I still felt ok later on and could push on more.

Nothing unusual happened

Finish location: Newport Velodrome track

Records set:

100km record 2 hrs 12min 29.266 sec. 100 miles 3hrs 33min 34.88 sec. 200km 4 hrs 25min 44.621 sec. And 6 hr distance record 168.47611 miles. Average speed over 6hrs was 28.08 mph. This will be in the age 50 plus category however its better than anyone has ever done so will be an overall record as well.