Congratulations to Floris Von Bonninghausen who set the 12-hr Outdoor Track record in the following categories:

WUCA Country Record 18-49 Age group, standard bike, Outdoor Track, County (Netherlands)

24 hour outdoor track world record. The attempt was done by me Floris von Bönninghausen at Megaland Landgraaf. The start of the loop was located at the end of the long straight in front of the building. where the track gets more narrow. The loop was done counter clockwise. I started the attempt at 11:00 in the morning on the 21st of September 2023. 


At the atart it was windy. but blue skies and sunshine. In the morning it was about 18 degrees. a nice and comfortable temperature. Later on the day it started to rain. with periods of dry weather with no wind. It was supposed to stay dry after sunset. Unfortunately this did not happen. The same weather holds on throughout the night. This caused the track to be wet and cold. The temperature dropped to 6 degrees instead of the predicted 13-14 degrees. 


I wanted to do the record attempt for two reasons. I wanted to have the world record. to show myself and the world how strong the human body is. and what it is capable of if trained well and the situation it has to perform in is near perfect. 

the second reason is that I want to raise money for dementia. My mother got diagnosed 3 years ago. 

I used a specialized shivv disc tri, I think it is one of the fastest tt bikes out there at the moment and also has some added features that make it more easy to do long distance racing. I used an extra fuel box to put food in so it was easy to hand over food for 1 hour from the following car. I used a custom made extension with my water bottle attached to it. This way I could drink while I stayed in position. further I used an aero helmet that was tested to be the fastest helmet for my body. The bike had a single front chainring and a 10-18 12 speed sram cassette. This results in a perfect straight chain line at 39-43 km/h at about 90 rpm. The wheels I used were a Princeton carbon disc in the back and a coda 10cm front wheel. both with continental gp5000 TT tubeless tires. I used the aero overshoes from sockeloen. and wahoo aero speedplay pedals. 

During the attempt I mainly ate cliff blocks with maurten gels and water with hydration tabs. Now and then I had some different food. I like bread with cheese, pancakes, pizza, coffee, and salt shots.

The best part was after my first bike change. air pressure dropped because of some rain and I could ride a full hour above 40 km/h at only 240 watts. This really gave a boost to my mental state and I believe in breaking the record. 

The hardest part was that I had to give up after 16 hours. feeling mentally strong but physically not able to continue. I made the promise to my girlfriend that I would not get off the bike before she came back. They picked her up from the hotel so it was possible for me to get off the bike. 

a few things happened. my aero extension came loose after about 4 hrs. There was a lot of rain and therefore I had to make a quick stop to put on extra clothing. Later on the temperature dropped too much and I had to get off the bike to heat up again. After 5 min I got back on the bike for another 2 hours. Everything was going well. but energy levels crashed again. It took me longer to get back on the bike with a lot of clothes on and warm drinks. I tried to heat up again on the bike but this was not possible anymore. In the end I had to stop because of hypothermia. 

I managed to keep on riding until I finished the whole loop. so the finish line is at the same place as the start line. 

I stopped at 3:30 at night. 

It is hard for me to put time stamps on specific events during the attempts because I lost track of time after a while. riding in a 1,6 km loop is perfect but keeping track of what time it is is really hard.