Doug sets the new male standard (50-59) age group record covdering the 209.23 miles in 13 hours 31 min with an average speed of 15.48mph



Here is Doug’s ride report:

September 11, 2019

Doug Chivington

Ohio South to North Route

50-59 Age Group


Exact Location:

Start was the Cincinnati Zoo Entrance on Vine St and Finish was the Toledo Zoo Entrance on Rt 25.

What were the conditions like?

Conditions were good but humid, temperatures reached upper 80’s in the afternoon and high 60’s low 70’s at the start.   We had a WSW wind and in the afternoon reached 10-12 MPH.   Experienced some difficult cross winds in the late afternoon, strong enough that a passing truck knocked off the amber lights from the follow vehicle.  Fortunately the lights were only scratched and battle beaten but still in good operation to continue the attempt.

We left the hotel at 3:45a and started at approximately 4:00a to get a jump on Cincinnati commuter traffic and rode 3 hours in the dark hours of the morning.  Traffic was light through Cincinnati and Dayton area considering the time of day.   The first 50 miles were rolling hills and we climbed 2900 feet.

Starting at mile 50 the rolling hills flatten out and we enjoyed favorable road conditions with very few miles of chip seal.  The last 25 miles we experienced the highest level of vehicle and truck traffic but this was very manageable with little safety concern.

Our only time challenge were two railroad trains,   the first we needed to find a re-route quickly in Cincinnati and it was stopped dead cold on the track.   The 2nd was a passing train near the Bowling Green area and we needed to wait 5-7 minutes.  We used this opportunity to “refuel“to avoid a later stop.

Why did you want to do a record?

I have had my eye on an attempt for several years.  Finally was in a good position to train and focus on this event.  Also, partnered with a nonprofit organization called “Resurrecting Lives Foundation” that focuses on supporting our veterans who still have medical combat conditions after returning home from serving our country.  This event raised $3000 for our veterans.

What equipment did you use?

I rode a Raleigh Professional Steel frame with aero wheels (Vision) and Campy equipped components.

What did you eat and drink?

I drank Tri Fuel, Coke and water.  Food was oatmeal, bagel with Peanut Butter, mashed potatoes, Bean and Bacon soup.   Also, to balance my electrolytes, potato chips, Gels and pretzels

What was the best part?

We arrived safely with little concerns, the crew was very excited and helpful plus with the Wahoo GPS our friends and family could follow our progress.   With the event also being a fund raiser we had 2 TV stations and several newspapers on the course interviewing and reporting on our progress.   It was nice to see this as support for our veterans who continue to struggle with their war injuries.

What was the worst part?

The stopped train issue just 3 miles into the start of the event.  It was a bit of a downer but we pulled together and made the best of it. 

Did anything unusual happen?

The cross winds during the last 30 miles could have been a disaster (with the lights falling off) but we pulled through and was able to overcome the situation.  Afterword’s we were able to have a good laugh as duct tape saved the day! 

Also, semi-trucks were rocking me pretty good (in the cross wind) when they passed but I was able to develop a technique to reduce the issue and stay safe.

Exact Finish location:

Toledo Zoo walkway from the parking lot to the Zoo entrance on Rt 25