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Ziortza Villa – Camino de Santiago – July 26, 2018


  RECORD ATTEMP RONCESVALLES TO SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA My name is Ziortza Villa and I am an ultra cyclist rider. After having taken part in both long distance national and international events, I decided to establish a record and thus be the first woman rider to establish a record from Roncesvalles in Navarra to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. I carried out the event on the 25th and 26th of July 2018. I parted from the Roncesvalles guest house called “La Posada” at 13:00hrs on July the 25th, festivity of Santiago, patron saint in Spain, on a hot and superb [...]

Ziortza Villa – Camino de Santiago – July 26, 20182018-08-17T21:50:44-07:00

Julián Sanz – Camino de Santiago record – July 26 2018

2020-03-10T09:54:44-07:00 JULIAN SANZ RECORD: • Record attempt, POINT TO POINT RONCESVALLES - SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Camino de Santiago) • Name of rider: Julián Sanz García • Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute: Record Start Date: 2018-07-25 / 16h13min00sec • Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot. In the town of Roncesvalles, in front of the hotel "La Posada" where it indicates the beginning of the town of Roncesvalles. • What were conditions like? Sunny day, 23 degrees of temperature, north wind and with forecast of storm. • Why did [...]

Julián Sanz – Camino de Santiago record – July 26 20182020-03-10T09:54:44-07:00

Carlo Tannoury Santa Barbara to San Diego City Hall May 11, 2018


My name is Carlo Tannoury and I have complete a city to city record attempt Santa Barbara city hall to San Diego city hall just because I am passionate about cycling and I love California. Participating in the endurance events and championships lately, I encounter cyclists mapping the floor with Lance's best ever record with races that are far longer. Feeling frustrated with those unnatural performances, I set to go after old records were people had a free and clean spirit. This one in particular was completed in 1986 with a believable speed attainable by fit cyclist with any extra [...]

Carlo Tannoury Santa Barbara to San Diego City Hall May 11, 20182020-03-03T04:50:22-08:00

Chris Davies Sacramento-Carson City records


Online at: It starts with having the right crew. Record Attempt: WUCA Capital to Capital (to Capital) Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV and back to Sacramento, CA Rider: Mark Christopher Davies, Solo Male 40-49 Crew: Robert Baldino, Kevin Van Dyke Official: Paul Carpenter Ride times: Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV (S -> N), Aug 8, 2017, 00:09a to Aug 8, 2017, 10:27, 10 hours, 18 minutes, 147.1 miles, 12725’ of climbing, Carson City, NV to Sacramento, CA, (N -> S), Aug 8 2017, 11:10a to Aug 8, 2017, 21:56, 10 hours, 46 minutes, 147.3 miles, 8256’ [...]

Chris Davies Sacramento-Carson City records2020-03-03T04:51:39-08:00
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