Carlo Tannoury Santa Barbara to San Diego City Hall May 11, 2018

///Carlo Tannoury Santa Barbara to San Diego City Hall May 11, 2018

My name is Carlo Tannoury and I have complete a city to city record attempt Santa Barbara city hall to San Diego city hall just because I am passionate about cycling and I love California. Participating in the endurance events and championships lately, I encounter cyclists mapping the floor with Lance’s best ever record with races that are far longer. Feeling frustrated with those unnatural performances, I set to go after old records were people had a free and clean spirit. This one in particular was completed in 1986 with a believable speed attainable by fit cyclist with any extra boosts. Most importantly, I did it because I love nature and UMCA. The conditions were windy, luckily mostly tailwind.I have use an introductory bike with Shimano 105, I am not a fan of aero machines. I am old school and I believe in races of riders and not machines. I drank water, no gatorade or special drinks because of my weak stomach. I ate blocks energy chews 3x sodium during the event, gluten free muffins before the race, and nothing for hours afterwards. The best part was entering North San Diego county, it is very scenic. The hardest part was Torrey Pines as I was 200+ miles into the attempt. Nothing unusual happened besides a cycling hater who honked. Exact finish location is City Hall San Diego at 7:26 PM.


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