Bauer Cuts almost 2 Hours from Previous Record
“My plan was to eat the ‘normal food'”
Rider: Gerald Bauer, WUCA member #8402
Bicycle Category and Division: Standard Bike, mens 18-49
Start date: July 28, 2012 at 0915
End date: July 29, 2012 at 0728
Elapsed time: 22 hours, 13 minutes
Mileage, average: 442.9 mi (712.8 km), 19.94 mph (32.08kph)
Start location: Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria, parking 100 meters on left after village sign
End location: Nickelsdorf, Biergenland, Austria, place opposite mayor’s office
Official: Roger Lenherr
Crew Members: Christina Pracher, Markus Ebner

By Gerald Bauer, edited by Wendell Hyink

before the start


At the start, 9:15am, the weather was sunny with some clouds. The temperature was about 20 degrees Celsius. It started raining very heavily after about 160km in Innsbruck. During daylight there was a shift between headwind and sidewind. The rest of the day was nearly dry except some light rains because we rode behind a storm with more than 100km/h wind. During the night the temperature was about 15 degress C with a bit of a headwind.

on the road.jpg
This is actually fun

Why did I want to do a record?

I wanted to set a record in order to challenge the existing record and raise money for Charity. I sold every kilometer for 2euro and thus donated 1424euro for sick children with a serious skin disease.

What equipment did I use?

I had two road bikes with me, but I only used the Simplon Pavo (an Austrian brand) with an aerobar, because of the headwind and because I didn´t take any break.

What did I eat and drink?

My plan was to eat the “normal food”: noodles and rice with tomato sauce, roll with cheese and salt, homemade oatmeal cookies, banana bar and apple bread. I also ate Organic foodbars, organic energy drink and organic gel from my Sponsor Natural Power.

What was the best part?

I was in good shape and I had a very good day, but the best part was my crew who always supports me! In addition, the fans along the road and the fact that I was donating the money to the children were an inspiration.

What was the hardest part?

The very heavy rain in Innsbruck for about half an hour.

Did anything unusual happen?

After about 500km there were a lot of tree branches, construction site signs, dirt, and water on the streets due to the heavy, windy storm. It was very dangerous especially on the downhills: For this reason I couldn’t ride my bike at full speed.

Finish Nickelsdorf Finish (for Charity)
The finish The big charity check