Congratulations to Stefan Wager for his new WUCA World Record

Rider´s Narrative Summary

Record attempt: Trans Austria East – West

Name Rider: Stefan Wagner (Austria)


Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute.

Start 09. July 2021    19:11


What were conditions like?

Stormy headwind (40-60km/h) on the 1st  100km.

Headwind (10-20km/h) on the rest of the route.

Sunny and dry all along the route.

Temp: Day 20C°-30C°, night 10C°-15C°


Why did you want to do a record?

After my 3 Guiness world record, I now wanted to drive a wuca record.

This Trans Austria Record has been in the planning for a long time.


What equipment did you use? Anything special?

No special equipment. I drive with my KTM aero bike.


What did you eat and drink?

Mostly liquid food. My Sportdrink SteffSportsFOOD powered by NimmNEM.

and special Porridge Mix.


What was the best part?

Finishing with my Team and achieving my personal time target sub 24 hours.


What was the hardest part?

Strong wind on the first 100km.


Did anything particularly unusual happen?

Road block at Arlberg downhill. Street Race: Waiting period 18 minutes

Exact finish location described so that someone else could find the same spot.

Startpoint: Nickelsdorf, Burgenland, Austria – Place opposite mayor office

Endpoint: Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria – Parking 100 meter on after village sign

Exact finish time:

  1. July 2021   19:10        /     23h 59min