Congratulations to Jochem Leemans  for his 2 new WUCA World Records on 2021-07-15

Jochem set 2 new Trike records (100 km, and 100 miles) in the 18-49 age group!

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles) Existing records 18-49, Trike, Male, Solo new record
100 Kilometer outdoor track 02:24:58.42 41.39 25.72 none yes
Distance Event Miles Time Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) Existing records 18-49, Trike, Male, Solo
100 Mile outdoor track 03:54:41.53 25.57 41.14 none yes

here is his ride report:

Record Attempt: 100 KM & 100 mile

Name of the rider: Jochem Leemans

Start date and time: 15-07-2021 ….

Start Location: Venlo

The conditions: Cold and rain


I want to do a record attempt because I was training for the world championships and the Covid-19 virus came along. I thought what can I do that is rewarding all my training effort?


That is how I came on the idea to do this record attempt, so we had 1,5 years of preparation and training. I spend everyday at least 3 hours on the bike with serval training forms like durations and interval training. 3 weeks before the attempt I went to Alp Huez for a high altitude training for 2 weeks. This was tough and a lot of fun.


Only hard training is not the only thing, a strict diet is also part of the deal…..

So for 1,5 ears no cold beer, no chips and eating in set times.

In the beginning once a week was aloud to have a cheat day and later on this became once a month and then never…


So, I used a ICE VTX for the record attempt and this went very well, it is a great bike and I like it a lot. The hardest part of everything was the training in the winter a lot of hours in the home trainer. The second hardest part were the days before the attempt and checking the weather app every hour…. In the beginning it looked pretty bad for 15-07-2021 and later on it became a bit better…


On the day itself; it was very Dutch weather, a lot of rain and cold, strange in july.

During the attempt I had two flat tires, this was very stressful!


In one lap I saw a dog on the track, first I taught: am I dreaming, do I see things that are not there? Luckily someone of the crew grabbed the dog.


For me the last hour was the hardest part because I was really cold from the rain.

Luckily there was a lot of support from people to pull me through.